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Taiwan Government Launches Website and LINE Account for New Immigrants


The number of new immigrants has been increasing in Taiwan. How is the government attending to their needs?

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Survey Shows Many Chinese Students in Taiwan Don't Think Taiwan Has A Democratic System


Among the foreign students surveyed, most consider staying in Taiwan for future plans and a large number agree they enjoy freedom of speech here. Yet less than half of the Chinese students surveyed think there is a democratic system in Taiwan.

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Taiwan Ranks First in 2015’s Global Evaluation on Open Data Index


UK's Open Knowledge Foundation surveyed 122 regions worldwide and made evaluations according to 13 criteria. Taiwan's rankings in governmental budget, national statistics, legal regulations, election results, geographic map data, pollution and emission, company registration and governmental spending have made great progress.

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Migrant Workers Call for Justice in Working as Long-Term Caretakers


For both family members and foreign caretakers, they work 14 hours a day, which lasts for an average of 10 years. In a long run, this is an enormous pressure both mentally and physically. However, the government and society do not see their plight.

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ROC Flag Seen in Latest IS Promotion Video


President Ma Ying-jeou says regarding the conflict in Syria, Taiwan has provided refugees with 350 prefabricated houses and medical assistance in the past. Ma also says he will request relative national security units to remain highly alert and take necessary measures.


KMT Leaders Propose Congress Reformation Which Has Been Requestion by the DPP 851 Times


Zhang Hong-lin, CEO of the CCW, points out that those who blocked the bills are mostly KMT legislators, including Wang Jin-ping, Hung Shiu-chu and the Whip Fei Hung-tai. They have all refused to sign the pledge to show their commitment to reforming congress.

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US Congress Supports Taiwan's Participation in Interpol


This is the third time the US Congress has called on the administration department to obtain observer status for Taiwan in international organizations, including WHA (World Health Assembly) and ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization).

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Taiwanese High Schools Offering Southeast Asian Languages Courses Due To High Demand


At first, the schools only opened courses for European, Japanese and Korean languages, but with the surge in the number of immigrants from Southeast Asia and their second generations, as well as Southeast Asia's rapid economic development, more high schools have started to offer courses for Southeast Asian languages.


Taiwan National Defense Report Says The PRC Will Complete Armed Forces Against Taiwan by 2020


According to the 2015 National Defense Report, despite the fact that cross-strait relations have improved and the PRC claims to settle cross-strait issues through peaceful means, the PRC still continues to strengthen military forces against Taiwan, showing their ambition of claiming Taiwan has not changed. It is said that the PRC will be ready to annex Taiwan by 2020.


KMT Presidential Candidate Plans to Turn Taichung into Capital of Taiwan


KMT presidential candidate Eric Chu says he will integrate Taichung City and Taichung County through road construction and urban planning to turn the region into Taiwan's capital. He also emphasizes that he will boost cross-strait economy to create a win-win situation if elected.

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