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Kathy Cheng is a writer and creative consultant. She runs TrickyTaipei.com and is the author of Hey Taipei, the first English-language picture book about Taipei.


OPINION: EVA Air and the Sad State of Taiwanese Corporate Culture

Kathy Cheng

Let's talk about how the EVA management reflects Taiwan's corporate culture.


Taiwan's Online Tourism Marketing Spends Public Money for Nothing

Kathy Cheng

Taiwan's online tourism marketing is nothing short of a disgrace.


SURVEY: Does The Taiwanese Boomerang Exist?

Kathy Cheng

Here are the results of a short survey on how overseas Taiwanese feel about moving back to Taiwan.


The Five Least Business-Friendly Practices in Taiwan

Kathy Cheng

If Taiwanese businesses want consumers’ respect, they need to earn it. Playing it cheap and chanting 'cha bu duo' has never worked, and it never will.


[PHOTO STORY] A Redesigned Chinese Medicine Shop in Taipei

Kathy Cheng

The popularity of Chinese medicine has been waning, but this traditional medicine clinic is rejuvenating itself through interior design.


The LAX Connection: Taiwan at the Montreal 1976 Olympics

Kathy Cheng

The 2016 Rio Olympics have just closed, but a story about Taiwan's 1976 Summer Olympics team has resurfaced.


First 'Parenting Cafe' in Taipei Aims to be Different and Disruptive

Kathy Cheng

The parenting industry in Taiwan has been slowly evolving in the past few years and this cafe wants to make a positive impact on the industry and society.


Taiwan Fashion Label Goes to Paris

Kathy Cheng

An online-only boutique producing fashion at a studio in Taoyuan, Taiwan, has appeared in fashion publications like Elle.fr and British Vogue.


London Boutique Native & Co Showcases Taiwanese Design

Kathy Cheng

'Taiwanese craft has great potential and one of our goals as a shop/design studio is to promote Taiwan as a nation of high quality craft and good taste.'

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