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Julia Mayer is a Masters of Museum and Heritage Studies student at the Australian National University. She has lived in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and South Korea, and has written extensively on traditional arts, performances and cinema in the region. She is also the Asia Correspondent for Metro Magazine Australia.


'Dangerous Dancing': Malaysian Dance Battles against Ban

Julia Mayer

It’s been described by UNESCO as a ‘masterpiece of humanity,’ yet the Malay dance-drama style Mak Yong is still banned in Kelantan, its place of origin. Julia Mayer looks at whether international attention can change repressive local laws.


Anlong Veng Calling: The Last Khmer Rouge Stronghold

Julia Mayer

Julia Mayer reports from the remote frontier town that is keeping alive the dying days of Cambodia’s murderous Khmer Rouge regime.


The Slow and Steady March of Justice in Cambodia

Julia Mayer

Justice for the Khmer Rouge regime’s mass atrocities is coming slowly but surely in Cambodia, Julia Mayer writes.

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