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Jules Quartly has worked for small town, big city and international media, written documentaries and been based in Asia for 17 years.


Taipei Dangdai Art Fair: After the Famine, the Art Feast

Jules Quartly

The inaugural Taipei Dangdai contemporary art show brought out big spending art collectors while entertaining the masses.


PHOTO STORY: Bling, Bling, Who’s Calling at Taipei Fashion Week?

Jules Quartly

Taipei Fashion Week dialed up the excitement with four days of runway shows and the hope is, this is the start of something big.


Death by Drowning in Plastic on Taiwan's Beaches

Jules Quartly

About 91% of the debris washing up on Taiwan’s beaches is plastic, which is not only unsightly, but also kills marine creatures and seeps into our food and water supplies


Protesters Gather in Taipei to Condemn US 'Persecution' of Julian Assange

Jules Quartly

Activists coalesced outside the American Institute in Taiwan to raise awareness and call for the freedom of the Wikileaks founder.


Prostitution, Sugaring and the Evolution of Sex for Money in Taiwan

Jules Quartly

What’s the difference between prostitution and sugaring? After all, both involve sex for money.


OPINION: Taiwan Welcomes Islam with Open Arms

Jules Quartly

Taiwan's religious tolerance, especially towards Islam is, sadly, exceptional.


On the Trail of Nick the Explorer and His Fellow Dementors

Jules Quartly

Pickup artists have been a fact of life for nearly 40 years and the latest iteration is an Englishman in Asia on YouTube. The pitchforks are out. Why?


Taiwan, Telecoms and Our Outlaws of the Marsh

Jules Quartly

The country’s infamous telecom scammers operate on the margins of international society, target rich Chinese merchants and hide their ill-gotten gains in the 'renegade province.'


The Ban that Never Was: Peppa Pig, AI and Porkie Pies

Jules Quartly

AI-inspired Peppa content pushed an online publishing platform into deep water in China, but the headlines missed a deeper argument over whether the state can or should rule on what media people consume.


OPINION: China Not to Blame for US Opioid Epidemic

Jules Quartly

Blaming China for America’s opioid crisis is a convenient but ultimately misguided attempt to avoid taking responsibility.

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