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Jonah Walters

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Jonah Walters is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California–Los Angeles and a freelance reporter and critic.


‘Stay True’ Rethinks the Campus Story

Jonah Walters

It’s not too late to rescue literature’s most cynical and unserious subgenre.


What the Chinese and U.S. Militaries Have in Common

Jonah Walters

The convergence between Chinese and U.S military recruitment highlights an obvious, if rarely acknowledged, reality. Two of the largest standing armies in the world, the militaries have more in common than their leaders tend to admit.


Military Conscription Can’t Deliver Geopolitical Security — in Taiwan, Ukraine, or Anywhere Else

Jonah Walters

If the goal is to establish durable conditions of geopolitical security, the only hope for Taiwan is the emergence of an international diplomatic regime committed to the mutual draw-down of military capacity worldwide, through which all countries, especially China, Russia, and the United States, would be compelled to gradually diminish their own standing armies.


The Restoration of Democracy in Honduras Isn’t About China — Or Taiwan

Jonah Walters

Pundits tend to interpret the victory of any leftwing political force in Latin America as a geopolitical triumph for China — and so an existential threat to Taiwan. But this myopic and self-defeating perspective doesn’t hold up under scrutiny.


Nicaragua’s Rejection of Taiwan Was Pragmatic — Not Principled

Jonah Walters

By ending its diplomatic relations with Taiwan, the Ortega administration has unambiguously, and perhaps irrevocably, disconnected itself from what was previously its single most significant source of aid revenue.

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