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J. Michael Cole is a senior non-resident fellow with the University of Nottingham’s China Policy Institute and an associate researcher with the French Centre for Research on Contemporary China (CEFC).

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2016/07/05 | J. Michael Cole
Top Chinese Official Calls for Greater Cooperation with Taiwan Media
Given the state of the media in China today, any closer cooperation with its highly censored and propagandistic news outlets would be suicidal for would-be partners.
2016/07/04 | J. Michael Cole
Missile Incident Propels New Round of Insanity in Taiwan’s Media
Like other forces the world over, the Taiwanese military is prone to mistakes. While it should be pressured to improve its performance, repeated public humiliation isn’t the way to reach that goal.
2016/07/03 | J. Michael Cole
China Ramps Up Information Warfare Operations Abroad
No longer reactive, China is now on a proactive track: it seeks to set the agenda by organizing and co-sponsoring international events, or by establishing partnerships with organizations abroad.
2016/07/01 | J. Michael Cole
Polish Journalists Denied Accreditation Due to Chinese Pressure
One of the journalists says that her criticism of Beijing’s human rights track record and her signing of an open letter ahead of President Xi’s visit last month are behind Warsaw’s giving in to Beijing’s demand that she be sidelined.
2016/07/01 | J. Michael Cole
UPDATED: Taiwanese Navy ‘Mistakenly’ Fires ‘Carrier Killer’ Cruise Missile, Killing 1 Fisherman
One fisherman was killed and three injured in the incident. The Navy is conducting an investigation.
2016/06/30 | J. Michael Cole
Singaporean Charged for Threatening to 'Open Fire' on LGBT Community
If found guilty, the 36-year-old man faces a maximum of five years’ imprisonment. His case also appears to have energized anti-LGBT elements in the country.
2016/06/29 | J. Michael Cole
Is China Really That Irritable?
According to the narrative created by international media, Beijing is so obsessed with Taiwan that it is constantly ‘infuriated’ by it.
2016/06/27 | J. Michael Cole
Taiwanese LGBT Group Shines in New York
Renting their own float, a group of Taiwanese students in the Big Apple invited the world to visit Taiwan to experience the largest gay pride parade in Asia.
2016/06/27 | J. Michael Cole
Radio Silence in the Taiwan Strait? Think Again
News that Beijing has suspended communication mechanisms with Taipei need to be taken in their proper context. It’s much less alarming than you think.
2016/06/24 | J. Michael Cole
As Expected, Cambodia Deports 25 Taiwanese Fraud Suspects to PRC
In an echo of incidents involving Kenya and Malaysia, earlier today 25 Taiwanese nationals were deported from Cambodia to China.
2016/06/22 | J. Michael Cole
[UPDATE] Cambodia to Deport Taiwanese Fraud Suspects to … China
The move occurs weeks after Taiwanese suspects in Kenya and Malaysia were sent back to China.
2016/06/21 | J. Michael Cole
Like It or Not, the KMT Is No Monolith
For all its faults, today’s KMT cannot be accused of being a ‘stooge’ of Beijing, as an opinion maker in Hong Kong argued recently.
2016/06/21 | J. Michael Cole
Hong Kong-Based Legal Organization Challenges S China Sea Arbitration
The hitherto unknown Asia Pacific Institute of International Law is headed by a seasoned Hong Kong barrister with interesting ties to the Chinese Communist Party.
2016/06/20 | J. Michael Cole
Citing ‘One China,’ Kyrgyzstan Bans All Contact With Taiwan
Economic dependence on China once again seems to be behind a country’s decision to avoid interactions with Taiwan.
2016/06/17 | J. Michael Cole
TAO Says Chinese Anger Not Aimed at Taiwan but ‘Taiwan Independence’
An Fengshan blames everything on those in Taiwan who seek to ‘secede’ from China. Unfortunately for him, the problem is a much more formidable one.
2016/06/16 | J. Michael Cole
Ma Ying-jeou’s Great SOPA Whitewash
The former Taiwanese president had a golden opportunity to give hope to embattled journalists in Hong Kong. He blew it.