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J. Michael Cole is a senior non-resident fellow with the University of Nottingham’s China Policy Institute and an associate researcher with the French Centre for Research on Contemporary China (CEFC).

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2016/09/08 | J. Michael Cole
Official Blames ‘Rude’ Taiwanese for Drop in Chinese Tourism
‘We need to stop using smearing language about Chinese people, especially on the Internet.’
2016/09/02 | J. Michael Cole
UPDATED: PO Denies Tsai’s New Southbound Policy Coordination Office to Close
The Executive Yuan and negotiators from the Ministry of Economic Affairs will now be in charge of implementing the policy.
2016/09/02 | J. Michael Cole
Taiwanese, Hong Kongers and Uighurs Not Welcome Near G20
Chinese authorities are making sure that no ‘troublemaker’ will be able to use the gathering of leaders to draw global attention to their causes.
2016/09/01 | J. Michael Cole
BREAKING: Controversial Mao Concerts Cancelled
The performances glorifying a man who was responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of Chinese were too much for many Chinese Australian.
2016/08/31 | J. Michael Cole
OP-ED: China’s Censorship Rules Reach New Level of Absurdity
The CCP’s gradual descent into regulatory madness suggests that it is losing its grip on reality and on the people whom it seeks to control.
2016/08/26 | J. Michael Cole
OP-ED: Should Mao Enter the Building?
Two scheduled concerts in Australia honoring Chairman Mao have sparked calls for boycotts. Let them sing and dance and spin all they want in his honor. Our job isn’t to silence them, as this would make us no better than the CCP.
2016/08/24 | J. Michael Cole
OP-ED: The Tsai Administration Needs to Stop Stalling on Marriage Equality
For years the DPP blamed the KMT for stalled efforts to legalize same-sex marriage in Taiwan. Now in control of both the executive and legislative branches of government, the DPP has no valid argument for further delays.
2016/08/24 | J. Michael Cole
Hong Kong No Longer Has Autonomy on Immigration
In the current environment of uncertainty in Hong Kong, controls over who comes in and who goes out will be used more frequently as an instrument by which to deny individuals contact with Hong Kong’s society.
2016/08/23 | J. Michael Cole
OP-ED: Rebuild the Dapu Pharmacy
As the Tsai administration mulls updating Taiwan’s antiquated laws on land expropriation, one demolished building serves as a powerful symbol.
2016/08/19 | J. Michael Cole
OP-ED: Patience, Patience on UN Bid
Taiwan’s inability to join the U.N. under a proper name and as a full member is preposterous. But those are that cards that history has dealt it, and it must use them wisely. Impetuousness will gain it nothing.
2016/08/18 | J. Michael Cole
INTERVIEW: A Conversation With NED President Carl Gershman
‘Accountability means elections, an independent media that can watch over, a judiciary, and an active, mobilized civil society, which is what you had with the Sunflower Movement. That’s the price of democracy. That’s what makes democracy work.’
2016/08/17 | J. Michael Cole
China Uses Thousands of Chinese Teachers to Combat Uighur ‘Separatism’
Beijing appears to be accelerating education programs designed to dilute the ethno-linguistic bond that gives Uighurs and Tibetans their distinct identity.
2016/08/16 | J. Michael Cole
Watchdog Accuses HK, Taiwan Media of Complicity in China’s Show Trials
Through ‘confessions’ and TV trials, the CCP is seeking to discredit human rights activists and lawyers. Sadly, some media outlets in Taiwan and Hong Kong have no compunction in spreading the message.
2016/08/15 | J. Michael Cole
OP-ED: There's a Vaccine Against China's United Front Tactics
As long as Taiwan’s democratic institutions remain healthy, China’s multifaceted propaganda efforts against it won’t find the oxygen they need to prosper.
2016/08/15 | J. Michael Cole
Ex-SEF Chairman Lin Join-sane’s Foundation Could Be Conduit for PRC Political Warfare
It seemed innocuous enough: a conference commemorating Sun Yat-sen’s 150th anniversary. But look at the sponsors from the Chinese side and things become a little more interesting.
2016/08/08 | J. Michael Cole
OP-ED: Pokémon Go and the Death of Reality
When funeral homes start offering discounts for people who die because of a mobile game, we know there’s a problem with our society.
2016/08/05 | J. Michael Cole
OP-ED: ‘One China’ or Air Safety?
Taiwan’s allies, formal and tacit, must come forward as they did with the WHA and support Taiwan’s effort to participate at ICAO, no matter how Beijing reacts.
2016/08/03 | J. Michael Cole
After Taiwanese Artists, South Koreans Are Now the Targets of China’s Wrath
Little by little, Beijing is creating a Reich Culture Chamber with Chinese characteristics.