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J. Michael Cole is a senior non-resident fellow with the University of Nottingham’s China Policy Institute and an associate researcher with the French Centre for Research on Contemporary China (CEFC).

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2016/08/15 | J. Michael Cole
Ex-SEF Chairman Lin Join-sane’s Foundation Could Be Conduit for PRC Political Warfare
It seemed innocuous enough: a conference commemorating Sun Yat-sen’s 150th anniversary. But look at the sponsors from the Chinese side and things become a little more interesting.
2016/07/20 | J. Michael Cole
Visit to Taiping Island: An Exercise in Wastefulness and Futility
A bipartisan group of Taiwanese legislators headed for the South China Sea today to ‘defend’ the nation’s sovereignty. All of this is grandstanding and does nothing to protect Taiwan against external aggression.
2016/08/05 | J. Michael Cole
OP-ED: ‘One China’ or Air Safety?
Taiwan’s allies, formal and tacit, must come forward as they did with the WHA and support Taiwan’s effort to participate at ICAO, no matter how Beijing reacts.
2016/06/13 | J. Michael Cole
Reading the Tea Leaves in the Taiwan Strait
Is the relationship coming to an end? Has Beijing embarked on a policy of disciplining Taiwan for making the ‘wrong’ choices? It’s simply too soon to tell.
2016/09/22 | J. Michael Cole
OP-ED: SCMP the Good Little Mouthpiece
More and more, the South China Morning Post’s editorials read as if they were drafted in Beijing. Here’s an example.
2016/10/27 | J. Michael Cole
President Tsai: Proceed With Marriage Equality. Now
The electoral costs to the government of proceeding with legalizing same-sex unions in Taiwan are so low it makes no sense to delay the matter any further. And from a moral standpoint, it's the right thing to do.
2016/07/27 | J. Michael Cole
Taiwan, Hong Kong Artists Forced to Sign ‘No Separatism’ Form: Reports
While there has not been any confirmation of a new rule, several artists have heard rumors that they will have to sign the document to perform in China.
2016/08/31 | J. Michael Cole
OP-ED: China’s Censorship Rules Reach New Level of Absurdity
The CCP’s gradual descent into regulatory madness suggests that it is losing its grip on reality and on the people whom it seeks to control.
2016/09/26 | J. Michael Cole
OP-ED: For Taiwan, the Sun Doesn’t Rise and Set with China
Only when the international community stops looking at Taiwan through the China lens will those motivations be fully understood.
2016/08/15 | J. Michael Cole
OP-ED: There's a Vaccine Against China's United Front Tactics
As long as Taiwan’s democratic institutions remain healthy, China’s multifaceted propaganda efforts against it won’t find the oxygen they need to prosper.
2016/08/24 | J. Michael Cole
Hong Kong No Longer Has Autonomy on Immigration
In the current environment of uncertainty in Hong Kong, controls over who comes in and who goes out will be used more frequently as an instrument by which to deny individuals contact with Hong Kong’s society.
2016/06/22 | J. Michael Cole
[UPDATE] Cambodia to Deport Taiwanese Fraud Suspects to … China
The move occurs weeks after Taiwanese suspects in Kenya and Malaysia were sent back to China.
2016/06/27 | J. Michael Cole
Radio Silence in the Taiwan Strait? Think Again
News that Beijing has suspended communication mechanisms with Taipei need to be taken in their proper context. It’s much less alarming than you think.
2016/06/16 | J. Michael Cole
Monkey Intrusion Causes Outage at Air Force Base in Taiwan
Despite the security breach, military officials maintain that national security was never compromised.