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J. Michael Cole is a senior non-resident fellow with the University of Nottingham’s China Policy Institute and an associate researcher with the French Centre for Research on Contemporary China (CEFC).

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2016/06/24 | J. Michael Cole
As Expected, Cambodia Deports 25 Taiwanese Fraud Suspects to PRC
In an echo of incidents involving Kenya and Malaysia, earlier today 25 Taiwanese nationals were deported from Cambodia to China.
2016/07/05 | J. Michael Cole
Top Chinese Official Calls for Greater Cooperation with Taiwan Media
Given the state of the media in China today, any closer cooperation with its highly censored and propagandistic news outlets would be suicidal for would-be partners.
2016/08/23 | J. Michael Cole
OP-ED: Rebuild the Dapu Pharmacy
As the Tsai administration mulls updating Taiwan’s antiquated laws on land expropriation, one demolished building serves as a powerful symbol.
2016/09/21 | J. Michael Cole
To Terminate or Not? Taiwan’s ‘Cloud Peak’ Medium-Range Missile Program
A recent report by the ‘China Times’ claims Taiwan has decided to abandon efforts to develop a medium-range missile that could hit Beijing or Shanghai. While aborting the program would make sense, Taipei won’t be doing so for the reasons stated in the article.
2016/07/07 | J. Michael Cole
BREAKING: Explosion at Taiwan Train Station, 24 Injured
Authorities are trying to determine the cause of the explosion.
2016/07/15 | J. Michael Cole
Chinese Communist Youth League Wins: Film Drops Taiwanese Actor from Project
After weeks of pressure online and a threat of boycott by Chinese ultranationalists, a film studio has given in and chose to replace Taiwan’s award-winning actor Leon Dai.
2016/06/10 | J. Michael Cole
Racist ‘Citizen Journalist’ Videos Spark Outrage in Taiwan
The almost universal reaction to a recent harassment case targeting elderly ‘Mainlanders’ in Kaohsiung shows that Taiwan has transcended archaic definitions of citizenship. But China may still use this to its advantage.
2016/06/03 | J. Michael Cole
China Has ‘Abysmal’ Internet Speed Performance; How Does Taiwan Measure Up?
Although there is room for improvement, Taiwan fares rather well in adoption rates, as well as average and peak Internet speeds.
2016/07/22 | J. Michael Cole
The Closing of the Chinese Mind
‘If we are to avoid major tensions in the Taiwan Strait, there will have to be a time when the people in Chinese academia and government who actually know what is going on in Taiwan are allowed to speak up.’
2016/08/08 | J. Michael Cole
OP-ED: Pokémon Go and the Death of Reality
When funeral homes start offering discounts for people who die because of a mobile game, we know there’s a problem with our society.
2016/06/01 | J. Michael Cole
Taipei in a Tight Spot on South China Sea Claims
President Tsai’s ability to change Taiwan’s policy on the territorial dispute is constrained by the need to keep cross-strait relations on an even keel.
2016/06/07 | J. Michael Cole
Change Doesn’t Come Out of Thin Air
President Tsai has vowed to transform the way government operates by empowering young people and bringing new voices into her administration. For this to happen, the conservatives will have to be willing to bow out gracefully.
2016/06/15 | J. Michael Cole
They Did Not Reap What They Sowed — We All Did
‘In silence we are just as guilty as those who use the alphabet of bigotry to create an environment in which it is permissible for some to repress minority groups.’