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J. Michael Cole

J. Michael Cole

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J. Michael Cole is a senior non-resident fellow with the University of Nottingham’s China Policy Institute and an associate researcher with the French Centre for Research on Contemporary China (CEFC).

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TAO Says Chinese Anger Not Aimed at Taiwan but ‘Taiwan Independence’

J. Michael Cole

An Fengshan blames everything on those in Taiwan who seek to ‘secede’ from China. Unfortunately for him, the problem is a much more formidable one.


Ma Ying-jeou’s Great SOPA Whitewash

J. Michael Cole

The former Taiwanese president had a golden opportunity to give hope to embattled journalists in Hong Kong. He blew it.


Monkey Intrusion Causes Outage at Air Force Base in Taiwan

J. Michael Cole

Despite the security breach, military officials maintain that national security was never compromised.


Sports Event Rules and the Double Standards of the Taiwan Strait

J. Michael Cole

FIFA and other sports organizations have strict rules against the display of political, religious, or abusive slogans during international matches. Those rules are also flagrantly biased.


They Did Not Reap What They Sowed — We All Did

J. Michael Cole

‘In silence we are just as guilty as those who use the alphabet of bigotry to create an environment in which it is permissible for some to repress minority groups.’


Support Unification? Ride This Cab

J. Michael Cole

One major taxi company in Taiwan has affiliations that may make you think twice before you open the door and jump in. Or not, depending on your views about Taiwan’s future.


Politics Behind Athens’ Denial of License to China Airlines

J. Michael Cole

The eleventh-hour cancellation of 18 scheduled flights between Taoyuan and Athens occurs amid closer economic ties between China and the cash-strapped country.


Reading the Tea Leaves in the Taiwan Strait

J. Michael Cole

Is the relationship coming to an end? Has Beijing embarked on a policy of disciplining Taiwan for making the ‘wrong’ choices? It’s simply too soon to tell.


Racist ‘Citizen Journalist’ Videos Spark Outrage in Taiwan

J. Michael Cole

The almost universal reaction to a recent harassment case targeting elderly ‘Mainlanders’ in Kaohsiung shows that Taiwan has transcended archaic definitions of citizenship. But China may still use this to its advantage.


For Beijing, Student Exchanges May Simply Be a Means to an End

J. Michael Cole

If the reports are true, Beijing may have decided to ‘punish’ Taiwan and the DPP by barring young Chinese nationals from studying in Taiwan.

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