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J. Michael Cole is a senior non-resident fellow with the University of Nottingham’s China Policy Institute and an associate researcher with the French Centre for Research on Contemporary China (CEFC).

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Beijing in ‘State of Alert’ Ahead of Key Ruling on South China Sea

J. Michael Cole

Armored vehicles and undercover police have been deployed around the Embassy of the Philippines in Beijing amid rumors of planned protests.


Communist Youth League Slams Chinese Film Director For Starring Taiwanese Actor

J. Michael Cole

Chinese ultranationalists have called for a boycott of Vicki Zhao’s upcoming film for her casting of Taiwan’s Leon Dai as the lead actor.


BREAKING: Explosion at Taiwan Train Station, 24 Injured

J. Michael Cole

Authorities are trying to determine the cause of the explosion.


Forbes’ Inexplicable Contempt for Taiwan

J. Michael Cole

By putting it in the same category as Donald Trump, European nationalists and Rodrigo Duterte, Tim Ferguson provides an image of Taiwan’s democracy that is unfair in the extreme.


Taiwan to Join Family of U.S.-Made AIM-9X Block II Missile Users

J. Michael Cole

‘The missile would have made Top Gun a very short movie.’


Top Chinese Official Calls for Greater Cooperation with Taiwan Media

J. Michael Cole

Given the state of the media in China today, any closer cooperation with its highly censored and propagandistic news outlets would be suicidal for would-be partners.


Missile Incident Propels New Round of Insanity in Taiwan’s Media

J. Michael Cole

Like other forces the world over, the Taiwanese military is prone to mistakes. While it should be pressured to improve its performance, repeated public humiliation isn’t the way to reach that goal.


China Ramps Up Information Warfare Operations Abroad

J. Michael Cole

No longer reactive, China is now on a proactive track: it seeks to set the agenda by organizing and co-sponsoring international events, or by establishing partnerships with organizations abroad.


Polish Journalists Denied Accreditation Due to Chinese Pressure

J. Michael Cole

One of the journalists says that her criticism of Beijing’s human rights track record and her signing of an open letter ahead of President Xi’s visit last month are behind Warsaw’s giving in to Beijing’s demand that she be sidelined.


UPDATED: Taiwanese Navy ‘Mistakenly’ Fires ‘Carrier Killer’ Cruise Missile, Killing 1 Fisherman

J. Michael Cole

One fisherman was killed and three injured in the incident. The Navy is conducting an investigation.

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