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J. Michael Cole is a senior non-resident fellow with the University of Nottingham’s China Policy Institute and an associate researcher with the French Centre for Research on Contemporary China (CEFC).

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A Bear and a Complex Character: New Symbols of Taiwanese Patriotism?

J. Michael Cole

Symbols are essential to nationalism, and Taiwan will need more of those if it is to succeed in making the case for its continued existence as a distinct political entity on the international stage.


Chinese Warns of ‘Soft’ and ‘Insidious’ Taiwan Independence Forces

J. Michael Cole

Chinese officials and academics continue to fail to understand the origins of the widespread opposition to unification in Taiwan.


Taiwan, Hong Kong Artists Forced to Sign ‘No Separatism’ Form: Reports

J. Michael Cole

While there has not been any confirmation of a new rule, several artists have heard rumors that they will have to sign the document to perform in China.


A Catalyst for KMT Reform?

J. Michael Cole

In post-Sunflower Taiwan, the KMT’s ‘ill-gotten’ assets are more scarlet letter than an advantage.


The Closing of the Chinese Mind

J. Michael Cole

‘If we are to avoid major tensions in the Taiwan Strait, there will have to be a time when the people in Chinese academia and government who actually know what is going on in Taiwan are allowed to speak up.’


Ex-Convict Calls on ‘Anti-Independence Heroes’ to Firebomb DPP HQ

J. Michael Cole

Tung Nien-tai is known to seek publicity and may be mentally unstable. Police have been alerted.

AP_385665782021 太平島

Visit to Taiping Island: An Exercise in Wastefulness and Futility

J. Michael Cole

A bipartisan group of Taiwanese legislators headed for the South China Sea today to ‘defend’ the nation’s sovereignty. All of this is grandstanding and does nothing to protect Taiwan against external aggression.


Taiwan Must Avoid Short-Termism and Think Strategically

J. Michael Cole

With control of both the legislative and executive branches of government, it must be very tempting for the DPP to take bold actions. But there are risks in doing so, and the Tsai administration is well aware of that.

Zhang Zhijun_張志軍

Beijing Alters Recent History: Says Taipei Suspended Dialogue

J. Michael Cole

China unilaterally suspended cross-strait communication mechanisms late last month after judging that President Tsai had failed to meet Beijing’s expectations.


Chinese Communist Youth League Wins: Film Drops Taiwanese Actor from Project

J. Michael Cole

After weeks of pressure online and a threat of boycott by Chinese ultranationalists, a film studio has given in and chose to replace Taiwan’s award-winning actor Leon Dai.

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