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J. Michael Cole

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J. Michael Cole is a Taipei-based Editor in Chief of Taiwan Sentinel and a Senior Non Resident Fellow with the China Policy Institute, University of Nottingham. He was previously chief editor of The News Lens International. 


US Navy Calls to Taiwan Must Weigh China Costs

J. Michael Cole

Taiwan must ensure it avoids being a pawn in US push to resume port calls.


Brawls in Taiwan’s Parliament Not a 'Way of Life'

J. Michael Cole

'It is downright unfair of media like the BBC to claim that this is the normal way things are carried out at Taiwan’s legislature,' says J. Michael Cole.


Creative Ideas for Conflict Resolution in the Taiwan Strait Must Be Based on Facts

J. Michael Cole

Cole responds to Dr. Liu Yawei's article about his ideas on conflict resolution in the Taiwan Strait.


My Marriage Equality Testimony (of Sorts)

J. Michael Cole

'My mother came out of the closet at lunchtime, trembling like a leaf and terrified that I would stop loving her.'


A Taiwan Defense Blueprint for the Trump Era

J. Michael Cole

J. Michael Cole's plan for Taiwan to increase its chances of surviving a possible U.S. retrenchment from Asia under President Trump.


Taiwan to Host International Hackathon

J. Michael Cole

The Taiwanese government is helping the annual HITCON position itself as the world’s top hacker competition.


Taiwan’s Subs to Get US-Made Mk-48 Torpedoes: Report

J. Michael Cole

Watch out China, Taiwan’s subs are about to pack a punch.

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