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Jeremy Van der Haegen

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Jeremy Van der Haegen is a Belgian freelance journalist covering business and politics in the Asia-Pacific, as well as a former intern for The News Lens in Taipei.


Taiwan’s Plan to Cement Its Newfound Alliance With Lithuania

Jeremy Van der Haegen

Taiwan’s investment plan for Lithuania needs to be economically sound, and cannot rely simply on geopolitical conflict.


Belgium Stuck With AstraZeneca Jabs — and Why That Matters for Taiwan

Jeremy Van der Haegen

The task of reassuring the public that AstraZeneca vaccines were safe was not easy. Officials in Belgium and Taiwan have met the challenge.


Taipei’s Pay Phones: A Relic of the Past?

Jeremy Van der Haegen

Taipei's pay phones are slowly disappearing from the street view.


Anxious Chinese Consumers Expect Coronavirus Crisis to Last Until Summer

Jeremy Van der Haegen

Chinese consumers are expecting the coronavirus to last until July despite local economists predicting a quick recovery in the second quarter.


Audrey Tang Praised for Coronavirus Prevention Tactics

Jeremy Van der Haegen

Japanese netizens are captivated by Audrey Tang, Taiwan's digital minister, and her open data approach to sharing local information on the coronavirus outbreak.


Taiwan’s Craft Beer Industry in Search of a Local Identity

Jeremy Van der Haegen

Taiwan's burgeoning craft beer scene has come a long way since independent brewing was legalized in 2002. However, the breweries have wildly different ideas about using local ingredients and what makes a Taiwanese craft beer Taiwanese.

北高旅遊業者赴金門踩線 看好當地觀光

Taiwan to Subsidize Tourism Industry Hard Hit By Coronavirus

Jeremy Van der Haegen

Taiwan's government is injecting subsidies into the tourism sector, which has been heavily impacted by the coronavirus outbreak.


Danish Entrepreneurs Reshape Coffee Roasting and Rigid Work Culture

Jeremy Van der Haegen

Ailio, a Taiwanese startup founded by a pair of Danish twin brothers, developed a sustainable coffee roasting technology with an appreciation of the Danish lifestyle.


Superstar Aquarius Docks in Keelung Again With Crew Quarantined on Board

Jeremy Van der Haegen

Passengers left the ship after Taiwanese health officials conducted a sample test for coronavirus. The Chinese crew members were not allowed to disembark.

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