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Jenny Li is an M.A. candidate in International Affairs at Columbia University, specializing in International Security Policy and East Asia. She has a background in economics and policy research. Her views are strictly her own. 


#LetTaiwanHelp: What Taiwan’s Hashtag Diplomacy Is About

Jenny Li

#LetTaiwanHelp was orchestrated to promote a bill introduced in the U.S. Senate, but its origins are much deeper.


Can US-China Competition Be an Impetus for Taiwan To Build a Secure and Moral Economy?

Jenny Li

Taiwan must not be preoccupied with the potential bounty to come from US-China competition, but rather concentrate on reforms that will make it resilient against the vicissitudes of world politics.


What Does Biden’s Cabinet Mean for Taiwan?

Jenny Li

With most key roles in President-elect Joe Biden’s incoming administration announced, a look at the main foreign policy figures in Biden's Cabinet may foretell how Washington might approach relations with Taiwan in the upcoming years.


Why Taiwan Is Still Safe

Jenny Li

The concerns that a Biden presidency portends the end of Taiwan are misplaced.


China Doubles Down on Fiji Incident

Jenny Li

The Chinese Foreign Ministry’s response to its diplomats’ conduct was not only at odds with most media reports on the events, but also the image it wishes to project.


Strengthening US-Taiwan Relations Without a Military Commitment

Jenny Li

A bilateral trade agreement, government exchanges, and changing the name of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office are pro-Taiwan measures the U.S. should consider.


A Middle Path Between Strategic Ambiguity and Clarity on Taiwan

Jenny Li

The U.S.'s strategic ambiguity on Taiwan is outdated, but 'strategic clarity' may risk war. Policy makers ought to strike a balance.

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