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Jeff is a contributing writer for The News Lens. He is a freelance writer and journalist living in Jakarta specializing in politics, business and development issues.

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INDONESIA: Walking with Waria as LGBT Humiliation Accelerates in Aceh

Jeffrey Hutton

The ongoing crackdown on expressions of LGBT identity in Indonesia has a painful human cost.


Corruption 101: An Insider's Guide to Graft in Indonesia

Jeffrey Hutton

Jeffery Hutton offers a rare peek inside the sooty world of coal mining and the greased palms that make it happen.


On the Front Line with Indonesia's Transgender Community

Jeffrey Hutton

Amid an increasingly conservative national mood, Indonesia's transgender community is once again on the front line in the battle against intolerance.


Gay Man Speaks on Indonesian Intolerance from Jakarta Prison

Jeffrey Hutton

Growing intolerance in Indonesia is taking a human toll on gay men rounded up and prosecuted for public nudity under the country's archaic anti-pornography laws.


Young, Female, Outspoken. A Political Star Is Born in Indonesia

Jeffrey Hutton

A young, social media-savvy woman is challenging Indonesia's political old guard.


Indonesia’s Next Jokowi?

Jeffrey Hutton

The secret to reform in Indonesia is simple, don’t mention religion.


Coldplay, Ahok and Fixing Jakarta

Jeffrey Hutton

To make progress in Jakarta, it won’t be enough to simply say: 'I will fix you.'


Like Mother Like Daughter? A Housekeeper's Tale in Jakarta

Jeffrey Hutton

'It’s easy to see why Yuyun was so eager to spare Rani her fate.'


Jakarta Keeps Street-Level Integrity amid Indonesia's Colossal Kickback Scandal

Jeffrey Hutton

Indonesia is in the grips of a kickback scandal that reaches into the pocket of almost every single Indonesian.


The Heart of the Matter in Jakarta

Jeffrey Hutton

The silver lining from Wednesday’s results is that Ahok, an ethnic Chinese, was on the ballot at all, writes Jeffrey Hutton in Jakarta.

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