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Jason Hsu (許毓仁) is a legislator-at-large with Taiwan's Kuomintang. He founded TEDxTaipei.

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OPINION: Culture as a New Diplomatic Strategy for Taiwan

Jason Hsu

Taiwan’s culture potentially provides it with a unique diplomatic power, if it can harness it.


OPINION: Time for Taiwan Lawmakers to Act on Gay Marriage Now

Jason Hsu

'I hope the government and my fellow legislators can face this issue directly and fearlessly, rather than avoid it.'


Taiwan's Response to Trump’s America

Jason Hsu

'I came away with clear and crucial promises regarding stability in the Taiwan Strait.'


OPINION: Bye Bye Uber, Now What?

Jason Hsu

'The big picture is: is this law helping solve the problem? And what approach should the government and industry take towards disruptive innovation?'


Taiwan: ‘Decide to Disrupt or be Disrupted'

Jason Hsu

Kicking out companies like Uber, UberEats, Gogovan and LaLaMove is not a solution, argues opposition lawmaker Jason Hsu.


OPINION: Why Taiwan Should be the First Country in Asia to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

Jason Hsu

It is ‘imperative’ to pass the same-sex marriage law during this parliamentary session, writes Jason Hsu, Kuomintang legislator-at-large.

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