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Janine Sun Rogers

Janine Sun Rogers

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Janine Sun Rogers is a California-based writer, artist, podcaster, and independent scholar.


Adult Streaming Platform SWAG Is in Hot Water With Taiwan’s Authorities

Janine Sun Rogers

SWAG’s situation calls to mind recent high-profile scandals, concerning the rights and safety of content creators on online platforms, the lasting environmental impacts of blockchain technology, and moderation of online communities.


Amid Violence and Isolation, a Vital Exploration of the Asian Diaspora

Janine Sun Rogers

Self-taught Thai artist Jiab Prachakul’s portrait series, all featuring members of the Asian diaspora, brings conviviality and introspection to San Francisco.


Atlanta Shootings Reflect Discrimination of Massage Parlor Workers, Re-enact Imperial Violence

Janine Sun Rogers

A gunman killed eight people in the Atlanta area Tuesday night, seeming to target Asian American women and sex workers. This incident echoes imperial violence and ongoing struggles of the Asian American migrant worker community.


Anti-Asian Attacks in US Repeat History, Motivate Community Action

Janine Sun Rogers

In the face of recent violent attacks, the Asian American community reflects on systemic oppression and turns to community-based solutions.


‘Maid to Queer’ Explores Desire and Queerness Among Hong Kong’s Indonesian Domestic Workers

Janine Sun Rogers

Maid to Queer provides profound insight into how systems of migratory labor beget “productive possibilities of queerness and norm.”


“Heaven on Fourth” Arrives in Taiwan Amid Controversy and Tragedy

Janine Sun Rogers

Taiwanese artist Huang Po-Chih’s installation comes to Taipei’s Double Square Gallery as the latest contribution to the mythicization of Chinese American sex worker Song Yang.

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