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James X. Morris is a PhD Candidate and freelance writer living in Taipei. He can be found on Twitter.


A Gotad Picnic With Ifugaos Living in Taiwan

James X. Morris

Ifugao Filipinos recently gathered in Taipei to celebrate Gotad, a holiday of thanksgiving. The occasion was day of respite for mostly blue-collar and domestic workers. “Our goal is to help one another in physical, spiritual, and monetary help,” organizer Barbie Bren Dulnuan said.


Local Groups Are Surveying Cemeteries in New Taipei, Marking a Possible Change in Public Opinions Towards Graveyard Heritage

James X. Morris

Activists are making a case to the city government why these cemeteries are valuable heritage resources through their survey.


“Your Trend, My Normal”: A Review of ‘Black in Asia’

James X. Morris

Through a series of 23 vignettes, 'Black in Asia' examines personal accounts of navigating Asia’s social spaces that lack the lived experience of what it means to be Black.


This Taiwanese Family Is Fighting for Their Lost Ancestral Tomb

James X. Morris

Across Taiwan, burial grounds are being demolished to make way for developers. One family is putting up a fight.


How Hong Kong Activists Are Sustaining Pro-Democracy Movement in Taiwan

James X. Morris

After a year of intense protesting, Hong Kong activists in Taiwan are shifting gears, organizing a group called Hong Kong Outlanders to encompass art, education, and lobbying of government figures to sustain interest in their cause.


What Taiwan Has Done to Curb Coronavirus Spread

James X. Morris

Despite being excluded from the World Health Organization, Taiwan has moved quickly to adopt measures to curb the domestic spread of the coronavirus.


Migrant Workers Accuse HTC of Document Forgery, Labor Violations

James X. Morris

More than 20 migrant laborers came together to protest what they claim is a cycle of falsified documents and exploitation at HTC's factories.


Taiwan Migrant Fishers' Groups Step Up Pressure on Working Conditions

James X. Morris

A new group of NGOs wants more vigorous enforcement of the Labor Standards Act.

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