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James Baron is a contributing writer for The News Lens. He is a Taipei-based freelance writer.

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Fisherman’s Friend? Film Festival Documentary Fails To Lift Lid on Industry Abuses

James Baron

The films on migrant workers at the Taipei International Labor Film Festival represent progress. But their unrealized artistic and political potential makes their flaws all the more disappointing.


OPINION: Taiwan's 'Buhaoyisi Culture' Falls Victim to a Dickensian Curse

James Baron

Empty words, false contrition: Is Taiwan, the island of ‘buhaoyisi,’ the embodiment of Uriah Heep?


OPINION: China's New 'Softy Power' Could Spell Trouble for Taiwan

James Baron

Chinese emissaries are emerging as world leaders in the field of simulated falling down and whinging.


'Heartbreaking': Taiwan's Salvadorans Express Anger and Frustration at Diplomatic Rupture

James Baron

Salvadorans in Taiwan reflect on their president's decision to switch diplomatic recognition to Beijing.


Moroccan Chef Brings Taste of Marrakesh to Taipei

James Baron

A Moroccan native makes his way in Taipei by making mouths water.


End of the Road: Will Taiwan Pick Up Britain's Tab in Guatemala?

James Baron

As Guatemala goes to the polls over a border dispute with Belize, Taiwan's economic diplomacy with one of its few remaining diplomatic allies comes into question.


FEATURE: Small Town Taiwan to Hollywood: Xiluo Theater and the Lin Family Odyssey

James Baron

An abandoned Japanese-era theater has a curious connection to the global film industry.


Taiwan's Female Athletes Still Fighting Institutionalized Sexism

James Baron

'Almost 50 years after Chi Cheng was subjected to crude sexual objectification in Taiwan's media, there is little to suggest the narrative has progressed that much.'


Hidden in Plain Sight: Taipei has a Glue Sniffing Problem

James Baron

'Most people are completely unaware that this is even an issue. I know this because I have seen flagrant sniffers in the middle of busy thoroughfares, their heads buried in larger carrier bags as oblivious hordes jostled around them.'

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