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Jessie Yang currently studies in Hong Kong. She loves art, writing and exploring. She blogs at

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How New Media Contribute to Citizen Journalism in China

Jessie Yang

It’s a constant tug of war, but social media provide a tool for society to bypass state censors and shed light on important social issues.


Under the Dome: Why Was It First Praised but Later Censored by Beijing?

Jessie Yang

The ultimate fate of a hugely popular documentary in China shows the limits of press freedom amid the marketization of the media.


Beyond the Lens of Innocence: The Lives of Refugees in Hong Kong

Jessie Yang

One Zimbabwean man's quest to help refugees as they try to rebuild their lives in the bustling Asian metropolis.


Taiwan’s Education System is Failing Its Youth

Jessie Yang

Three young students share their views on an environment that often fosters more confusion and apprehension than success.

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