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2018/09/21 | If Lin
INFOGRAPHIC: Taiwanese Parents Take More Leave Than Ever Before
Despite a declining birthrate, recent amendments have enabled more parents than ever to spend valuable time with their children.
2018/09/17 | If Lin
INFOGRAPHIC: How Taiwan's Presidents Speak About Taiwan and China
Taiwan’s leaders have bounced between terms when referring to Taiwan and China, with Tsai Ing-wen notably abandoning the usual lexicon.
2018/07/19 | If Lin
INFOGRAPHIC: Charting Controversy over Taiwan's University Housing Supply
The new academic year starts in less than two months, yet the shortage of student accommodation remains a sore subject. Government data shows a large disparity between student housing supply and demand.
2018/07/06 | If Lin
Media Analysis on Perceptions of Worsening Social Order in Taiwan
Availability bias lies at the root of the feeling that there are more murders happening in Taiwan.
2018/06/21 | If Lin
TAIWAN: Despite Spate of Grisly Murders, Crime Data Makes for Reassuring Reading
Sensational stories of murder in Taiwan have sparked fears of crumbling social order, but police data tell a different story.
2018/04/25 | If Lin
INFOGRAPHIC: Taiwan’s Industrial Sector Stokes Electricity Crisis
The debate over Taiwan’s electricity shortage revolves around generating power and the sources it comes from, but it's worth considering the other end of the equation – where does it all go?
2018/03/24 | If Lin
INFOGRAPHIC: Taiwan's Population Hits a Turning Point
Taiwan's birth rate dipped below its death rate for the second month in two years.
2018/02/15 | If Lin
INFOGRAPHIC: Your Guide to Fireworks in the Year of the Dog
Above all, don't bother filming them on your phone.
2018/01/20 | If Lin
TAIWAN: New Data Offers Ammo to Labor Rights Groups
Increasing workplace inspections had some predictable yet sobering results.
2017/11/24 | If Lin
Yes, 'Death by Overwork' Is a Real Thing in Taiwan
Taiwan may experience death by overwork on similar levels as in Japan.