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Ian Murphy has a background in national security and international business. He earned an MA in National Security Studies at American Military University and currently works at Safe Spaces LLC as a Policy Analyst Consultant, where he helps clients bridge the gap between their business strategies and the geopolitical security environment. Ian can be reached at ianmurphy@safespacesllc.com.

蔡總統:民眾服1年義務役 絕不是浪費時間

Taiwan’s Military Conscription in 2024

Ian Murphy

Taiwan needs to overhaul its current training methods in accordance with the Overall Defense Concept to make the most out of the reform taking place in 2024.


Overall Defense Concept Reshapes Taiwan’s Views on Defense Against China

Ian Murphy

The Overall Defense Concept, a proposal by Taiwanese admiral Lee Hsi-ming, may be what Taiwan needs to prevent China from taking over its shores.


Enhancing U.S.-Taiwan Cyber Security Cooperation

Ian Murphy

Despite its significant investment in cybersecurity, Taiwan will be better prepared for a large volume of Chinese cyberattacks by cooperating with the United States.


How the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework Works — And How It Will Affect Taiwan

Ian Murphy

The IPEF represents a deepening of the U.S.’s economic ties with countries in the Indo-Pacific. Though Taiwan has not been included, there are opportunities for similar initiatives.


What Pompeo’s Visit to Taiwan Indicates

Ian Murphy

While Mike Pompeo called for formal recognition of the Republic of China (Taiwan) on his recent trip, the Biden Administration will remain cautious and keep its options open.


What Ukraine Means for Taiwan’s Security

Ian Murphy

Although authoritarian states implement similar strategies against their military targets, there’s important distinctions worth keeping in mind when comparing the war in Ukraine to a potential cross-strait conflict.

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