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Ian Murphy has a background in national security and international business. He earned an MA in National Security Studies at American Military University and currently works at Safe Spaces LLC as a Policy Analyst Consultant, where he helps clients bridge the gap between their business strategies and the geopolitical security environment. Ian can be reached at ianmurphy@safespacesllc.com.


The Biden-Xi Summit Through Kissinger’s Lens

Ian Murphy

The Biden-Xi summit at APEC yielded concrete outcomes, including curbing the fentanyl trade, restoring military-to-military communication channels, and launching dialogues on AI governance and climate change.


Taiwan’s Drone Defense: From Dependence to Dominance 

Ian Murphy

Modern warfare is evolving as smaller, asymmetric systems become more prevalent. Advances in technology have made it possible to develop smaller, more lethal weapons systems.


Can China-Philippines Tensions Lead to Regional Conflict?

Ian Murphy

This collision between a Chinese vessel and a Philippine supply boat, along with previous incidents, escalates tensions between China and the Philippines and poses a risk for regional conflict in the disputed South China Sea.


Italy’s Potential ‘Soft Exit’ From the BRI, Reflects China’s Declining Influence

Italy’s potential withdrawal from China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) reflects growing mistrust towards China, arisen due to concerns over diminishing economic benefits, debt traps, and incongruent ideologies.


Facing Common Threats: The US-Japan-South Korea’s Camp David Summit—a Gateway to Peace in the Indo-Pacific

Ian Murphy

The recent Camp David summit marks a significant step in strengthening U.S. diplomatic ties with the advanced Asian countries of Japan and Korea, where they openly discuss major transnational issues.


Taiwan as a Pioneer To Pave Way for More Green Economies in APEC Summit

Ian Murphy

Taiwan has recently gained an important voice in APEC summit, for sharing its success of green economies and combating climate change.


The Abrupt Dismissal of Qin Gang Reduces China’s Efforts in Winning Back Foreign Investors

Ian Murphy

Backtracking on Qin Gang’s appointment weakens China’s attempts at winning back international investments.


China’s Ban on Micron Chips Will Only Hurt Itself

Ian Murphy

China’s political game isn’t working out in its favor. Instead of harming Micron and influencing U.S. policy, the ban will harm Chinese buyers.


China Is Becoming More Reliant on the World

Ian Murphy

With the Made in China 2025 initiative, Beijing aims to decrease dependency on foreign technology imports, but it’s also seeking foreign investments to modernize its technology sector.


U.S. Military Presence in Taiwan and Philippines to Alter Balance of Power in the Indo-Pacific

Ian Murphy

Just as it’s helping Ukraine defend itself against Russian invasion by coordinating European allies, the U.S. is flexing both its military and diplomatic strength in the Indo-Pacific to hedge against China’s war plans.

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