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Hunter Marston is an independent analyst based in Washington, DC and writes frequently on Myanmar and US-Southeast Asia relations. He holds a MA in Southeast Asia Studies from the University of Washington Jackson School of International Studies and has worked in the US Embassy in Myanmar.


Trump's Mixed Messages Threaten Asia's Security

Hunter Marston

Human rights abusers in Asia will feel chipper following Trump's visits, but regimes that rely on the U.S. security guarantee? Not so much.


Lifting the Shadows on a Secret War

Hunter Marston

BOOK REVIEW: Joshua Kurlantzick's 'A Great Place to Have a War: America in Laos and the Birth of a Military CIA' (New York, New York: Simon & Schuster, 2017), reviewed by Hunter Marston.


With President Trump, Beijing Trumps Washington

Hunter Marston

The election of Donald Trump to the White House now paves the way for Beijing to exert more influence and control in the region. It will also leave long-time allies nervous, and puts the U.S. at economic and strategic risk, writes Hunter Marston.

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