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[UPDATE] UK Will Respond to “Recognise Taiwan as a Country” Petition


UK authorities have noticed that the number of signitures has gone over the threshold of 10,000, and they will initiate the responding process in the coming days. Once the signing number reaches more than 100,000, the parliament will consider organizing a debate.


Taiwan Consults Singapore to Build Public Housing System


The primary goal of Taipei's visit to Singapore is to examine Singapore’s public housing system because the Taipei City Mayor is pushing for building public apartments in Taipei.

China AIIB

Is The Sovereignty Clause Influencing Taiwan's Attendance in AIIB?


Bank Group President of AIIB emphasizes the "sovereignty clause” in the AIIB Agreement, leading concerns to Taiwan’s official attendance in the investment bank.


Tree Preservation Issue Heated Among Taipei City Residents


Director of the Taiwan Forestry Research Institute states that hollowed trees do not represent unhealthiness, while dangerous ones still need to be removed.

吉隆坡_馬來西亞_國油雙塔_To match Special Report - MALAYSIA-DILEMMA/

Taiwanese Companies Struggle in Southeast Asia Under Lack of Government Support


The Taiwanese government has been providing less support for ASEAN countries either in political loans or other support, using the excuse of financial crisis and modifications on external policies. But due to the strong support provided by other countries, Taiwan has become increasingly less visible in ASEAN.


Taipei City Announces No Homework During Summer and Winter Vacation


Wang Yong-zhi, a teacher at Wun-fu Elementary School in Kaohsiung City, says that various kinds of homework, such as ecology research or travel journals, might become the parents' homework if the parents bear the traditional sense of competitiveness for their children.

教室_Empty Classroom

High School Students Rush to Major in Science-Related Subjects in Fear of Unemployment


Some students that suggest that high school students shouldn’t have to take compulsory auxiliary courses during winter and summer vacations. But an official from the Education Administration quotes a principal and says that laziness is human nature. If compulsory courses during winter and summer vacations are canceled, do the students have the ability to plan out their time?

深圳 Damaged buildings are seen as rescuers search for survivors after a landslide hit an industrial park in Shenzhen

Landslide in Shenzhen, China Leaves 59 Missing


Shenzhen is located in southern China, where hills and mountains account for more than 70% of the area, in which typhoons and heavy rains happen frequently. But the government has developed the mountains at large scale since the special economic zone was established. This has destroyed the landscape and caused several geological disasters.


The Patient Autonomy Act Passes in Taiwan


Legislator Yang Yu-xin says that this legislation allows people to decide in advance whether or not they want to receive treatment when they are in ill conditions in the future or if they want to die naturally. This protects the medical autonomy of patients and is the first Taiwanese law of which patients are subjects.


Languages of Immigrants in Taiwan Will Become Elementary School Compulsory Courses in 2018


Merit Times reports, according to the latest statistics from the Ministry of Education, there are 211 thousand children of new immigrants among a total of 2.055 million elementary school and junior high school students, which accounts for 10.28% of the population. This also means one out of ten students is a new immigrant child.

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