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French-Peruvian writer and reporter with a degree in Chinese area studies and love for Middle eastern hummus. She blogs at likeasianelephants.com

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2016/11/22 | Hélène Belaunde

What Must Change Isn't Necessarily The Taiwan Education System, But The Values

A group of senior high school students from Yilan in northern Taiwan held a series of presentations on Nov. 12 and 13, during which they shared the knowledge and insight gained through an experiential education trip to Europe.

2016/06/21 | Hélène Belaunde

Taiwan’s War on Drugs: Harsh Approach or Tolerance?

At a time where Taiwanese prisons are overpacked with people serving drug-related sentences, a newer, more tolerant approach is gaining popularity.

2016/05/30 | Hélène Belaunde

The Rise of Taiwanese Horror: Corpse Brides and Little Girls in Red

Two recent horror flicks suggest that Taiwanese directors are finally willing to break some longstanding taboos, with promising results.