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Graeme Smith is a research fellow in the College of Asia and the Pacific, The Australian National University and hosts the Little Red Podcast with Louisa Lim.

Chinese police

China's Fake Police Statistics Are a Powerful Propaganda Tool

Graeme Smith

The Chinese policing system relies upon confessions, not forensics or profiling.


China's Heavy-handed Control of Foreign Research

Graeme Smith

Now, the Chinese censors can tinker endlessly with the digital record to achieve their goals without ever leaving their desks, making one non-destructive edit after another, each propagating nearly instantaneously around the globe, leaving behind no discernible trace or loose ends.


China's Media Dying Slow Death under Xi

Graeme Smith

Under President Xi Jinping, China's print media is less than a paper tiger, a far cry from the days when a vigorous press in Guangzhou and beyond challenged Beijing's orthodoxy.

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