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全球之聲(Global Voices)由超過三百名遍佈世界各地的部落客與翻譯者組成,協力帶給您關於各部落格圈及公民媒體的最新報導,特別著重那些在國際主流媒體上鮮少被聽見的聲音。
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2018/05/21 | GlobalVoices 全球之聲

Is Japan Back in the 'Great Power' Ring?

How will Japan navigate its relations with the US and China as it re-engages with the world militarily?

2018/05/11 | GlobalVoices 全球之聲

Phnom Penh Post's Sale to PR Firm Ends Editorial Independence

Their new owner, Malaysia-based ASIA PR, has close ties to Cambodia's ruling elite.