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With the Death of Pema Tseden, Tibetan Cinema Just Lost Its Most Iconic Director

Global Voices

With his death, Tibet has lost a voice that spoke with great humanity through images and words about the challenges and hardships of being Tibetan in 21st-century China.


Pro-Beijing Politicians Urge Hong Kong to Scrap the Gay Games 2023

Global Voices

Conservatives are urging national security authorities to step in and cancel the Games. But even if the event goes ahead as planned, participants will have to abide by new rally rules.


Veteran Hong Kong Labor Rights Activist Arrested on Suspicion of Foreign Collusion

Global Voices

Elizabeth Tang, a veteran Hong Kong labor activist, was arrested after she visited her husband Lee Cheuk Yan, who’s in jail for organizing and participating in several unauthorized assemblies between 2019 and 2020.


Bangladesh Reassesses Its Belt and Road Initiative Strategy With China as the US Offers a New Alternative

Global Voices

The economic troubles faced by Pakistan and Sri Lanka have prompted Bangladesh to reassess its involvement in BRI-related infrastructure projects.


Will Chinese Advanced AI Chatbots Survive China’s Online Censorship?

Global Voices

China’s first chatbot was suspended service shortly after its launch. Users mocked that the service could not pass the censorship test.


Where Will Prague’s China Policy Go With the New President?

Global Voices

Czech President Miloš Zeman once hailed the Belt and Road Initiative as “the most important project in our modern history.” Not anymore after the elections.


Beijing Empowers Hong Kong Chief Executive To Direct Local Courts on National Security-related Trials

Global Voices

The immediate effect is that Jimmy Lai would lose his right to hire an overseas lawyer to defend against foreign collusion charges, which could lead to a maximum life sentence.


Hong Kong Launches a National Security Legal Battle Against Media Tycoon Jimmy Lai

Global Voices

Jimmy Lai’s case could be complicated as six former staff members of Apple Daily and Next Digital pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit collusion last year.


‘Where’s the President?’ Trends as Super Typhoon Batters the Philippines

Global Voices

Marcos posted a video of his trip to the United States while his constituents was bracing for the devastating impact of the typhoon.

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