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What Can Taiwan Learn From Ukraine? Interview With Disinformation and Civil Defense Expert Puma Shen

Global Voices

Strengthening Ukraine-Taiwan relations can be done by providing components for military equipment, refuting global rumors, and learning from China’s experience.


Decoding Eight Years of Taiwan’s Presidency by Tsai Ing-Wen: Interview With French Journalist Arnaud Vaulerin

Global Voices

French journalist Vaulerin, who publishes a book about Taiwan president Tsai Ing-Wen, discusses Tsai's achievements during her two consecutive mandates, including Taiwan's positioning in the international arena and its success in the chip industry.


Malaysia and Indonesia Throw Support Behind Palestinian Cause

Global Voices

Thousands of people in Indonesia and Malaysia rallied over the weekend to call for an end to the violence and expressed solidarity with the Palestinian cause.


Breaking Down India’s New Data Protection Law: Good, Bad, or Ugly?

Global Voices

On August 11, 2023, India's President signed the Digital Personal Data Protection, 2023 into law. While some praise it as a global standard in cybersecurity, civil society organizations express concerns about its final form.


As Xi Jinping Snubs the G20 Summit, India Replaces China as Leader of the Global South

Global Voices

The absence of both China and Russia allowed India to take the spotlight as the leader of the Global South during the G20 summit. Some Chinese nationalist bloggers expressed opinions that China has downgraded the significance of the G20.

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A New Platform Monitoring Press Freedom in Southeast Asia

Global Voices

A new platform named pfmsea.org was set up to monitor press freedom in Southeast Asia, and this year 73 cases of violation of rights were recorded.


Myanmar Junta Grants Partial Pardon To Detained Leaders Amid Continuing Crisis and Resistance

Global Voices

Critics decipher Myanmar military junta’s decision of granting a partial pardon to Aung San Suu Kyi as merely a tactic to divert the attention of opposition forces and alleviate international condemnation.

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Commentators Discourage Extending National Security Crackdowns to ‘Soft Resistance’ in Hong Kong

Global Voices

China’s state-backed media in Hong Kong writes that any kinds of “soft resistance”, including dissenting opinions and culture, should be crushed in full force.


Protests Condemn Military-Appointed Senators for Ignoring the Choice of Thai Voters

Global Voices

Protests broke out in Thailand after military-appointed senators blocked Pita Limjaroenrat, who led Move Forward Party to win landslide victory in national election, from being the next prime minister.


A Forensic Investigation Finds a Site That Doxxes Hong Kong Activists and Journalists Is Likely Backed by Beijing

Global Voices

A Toronto-based research group Citizen Lab uncovers that China’s agents are monitoring behind a few notorious doxxing websites, which have intruded the privacy of Hong Kong’s dissident journalists and activists.

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