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Is Japan Back in the 'Great Power' Ring?

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How will Japan navigate its relations with the US and China as it re-engages with the world militarily?


Phnom Penh Post's Sale to PR Firm Ends Editorial Independence

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Their new owner, Malaysia-based ASIA PR, has close ties to Cambodia's ruling elite.


Japanese Workers Are Being 'Harassed to Death'

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Recent suicides in Japan have sparked protests against excessive working hours.


MYANMAR: Online Defamation Cases Are Silencing Critics

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Civil society groups are trying to blow the lid off a de-facto censorship law in Myanmar as defamation cases increase under the democratically elected government.


Shanghai Government Cracks Down on Dual Citizenship

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The policy was supposedly enacted to assist the government’s anti-graft campaign.


Literature Award for Migrants Showcases Stories from a Growing Community

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Since 2014, the award has been encouraging these foreign-born groups to express themselves in their mother tongues, an effort that has also allowed the Taiwanese people to learn more about these cultures and stories.

Macau skyline

Macau Reviews Cybersecurity Law with an Eye toward Mass Surveillance

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Macau is developing a new law that could give unrestrained power to the police.

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