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Gay Chinese Embracing Overseas Tours

Fan Yiying

Companies see market in LGBT travelers who value cultural experiences and exclusive, safe spaces.


Wedding Planner Reviving Naxi Traditions in China

Fan Yiying

The traditional soul-binding ceremony has lost favor among locals, but one company is trying to turn the tide.

Fat woman and slim woman on gray backgorund

Plus-Size Models Challenge China’s Beauty Standards

Fan Yiying

A maturing market for plus-size fashion brings models more opportunities alongside its own set of strict physical requirements.


My Life as a Gay Father of a Transgender Son

Fan Yiying

PFLAG volunteer tells Sixth Tone how he and his transgender son learned to stand up for each other.


Manchu, Once China’s Official Language, Could Lose Its Voice

Fan Yiying

With few practical incentives to preserve their language, 10 million Manchus have found their mother tongue in a critical state.


Six Paws Under: Funerals for China’s Furry Friends

Fan Yiying

The niche business of pet cremation is growing as animal lovers seek ways to honor their deceased companions.


Caring for China’s Smog Dogs

Fan Yiying

Pollution in major cities has long been a scourge to humans, but the health impact on pets shouldn’t be overlooked.


The Man Restoring Eastern China’s Iconic Circular Homes

Fan Yiying

In the face of government inaction, one individual is empowering locals to return their ‘tulou’ homes to former glory.


Sorority Gives China's One-Child Generation a Taste of Sisterhood

Fan Yiying

An entrepreneur builds a home and haven for young, professional “leftover women” in Shanghai.


When You Are Old, Chinese, and Gay

Fan Yiying

Gay, lesbian, and bisexual retirees in China are seeking companionship and acceptance in old age, but some are finding it harder than others.

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