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Every little detail matters. 


Why Are Experts Concerned About Giant Isopod Ramen?

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While fans wonder what the giant creature tastes like, experts worry the fad would encourage deep-sea trawling, which devastates seabeds.


This Bowl of Ramen Contains Bugs. It’s Also Eco-Friendly and Tastes Good.

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There’s more to the old line on insects as food — seemingly repulsive, but full of protein and nutrients.


Art Book Publisher nos:books Opens Space in Taipei

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nos:books in Taipei has finally realized its long held wish of having its own space for exhibitions.


Open House: Top 10 Architectural Gems in Taipei

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What are some of the most popular design spaces and architectural sites according to Taipei residents?


A Pirate House in the Matsu Islands Reimagined as Restaurant and Shop

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Xiwei Peninsula opened its doors midsummer this year. It’s a small shop that can satisfy the stomachs of hungry travelers, along with offering imported and local goods for sale.


Cantine Marais: A Home Goods Store That Does Fine Dining Right

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Good restaurants can be defined by how little they need on top of the simple act of eating. Whether you’re dining alone or celebrating a special occasion — this new spot in Taipei may be the ideal.


‘Pizza Has a Face’ Is New York Pizza in Old Taipei

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Bookended by an old shoe shop and a Chinese medicine pharmacy in one of Taipei’s oldest districts is a relatively new pizza restaurant with a most intriguing owner.


The 3 Pregame Street Food Shops To Hit Before Clubbing at Pawnshop

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Within 15 minutes walking distance of the Taipei nightclub Pawnshop are three food vendors with Michelin 'Bib Gourmand' status. Here's what we ate and saw.


Abao Shatters Boundaries in Taiwan's Mainstream Music Scene

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Abao, a Paiwanese singer, reinterprets traditional folk songs with contemporary arrangements, creating something different from the usual Mandopop.


This Taipei Restaurant Reinvents Traditional Taiwanese Breakfast

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In an alley near Xingtian Temple lies one of Taipei's most satisfying breakfast joints, Soft Power.

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