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Every little detail matters. 


Exhibition: Reconnecting Painter Ka Tokurai With Taiwan

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Ka Tokurai, one of the many Taiwanese expat artists educated in Japan during the early 1900s, never forgot about his hometown.


Discovering Southeast Asian Grocery Stores in Taiwan

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As migrant communities formed, Southeast Asian grocery stores have sprung up across Taiwan.


Why Are Experts Concerned About Giant Isopod Ramen?

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While fans wonder what the giant creature tastes like, experts worry the fad would encourage deep-sea trawling, which devastates seabeds.


This Bowl of Ramen Contains Bugs. It’s Also Eco-Friendly and Tastes Good.

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There’s more to the old line on insects as food — seemingly repulsive, but full of protein and nutrients.


Art Book Publisher nos:books Opens Space in Taipei

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nos:books in Taipei has finally realized its long held wish of having its own space for exhibitions.


Open House: Top 10 Architectural Gems in Taipei

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What are some of the most popular design spaces and architectural sites according to Taipei residents?


A Pirate House in the Matsu Islands Reimagined as Restaurant and Shop

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Xiwei Peninsula opened its doors midsummer this year. It’s a small shop that can satisfy the stomachs of hungry travelers, along with offering imported and local goods for sale.


Cantine Marais: A Home Goods Store That Does Fine Dining Right

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Good restaurants can be defined by how little they need on top of the simple act of eating. Whether you’re dining alone or celebrating a special occasion — this new spot in Taipei may be the ideal.


‘Pizza Has a Face’ Is New York Pizza in Old Taipei

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Bookended by an old shoe shop and a Chinese medicine pharmacy in one of Taipei’s oldest districts is a relatively new pizza restaurant with a most intriguing owner.


The 3 Pregame Street Food Shops To Hit Before Clubbing at Pawnshop

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Within 15 minutes walking distance of the Taipei nightclub Pawnshop are three food vendors with Michelin 'Bib Gourmand' status. Here's what we ate and saw.

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