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Eryk Michael Smith first came to Taiwan as a child of American missionary parents in 1984. After deciding on a career in journalism he returned to Taiwan and has spent the last 20 years working for/with most of Taiwan's English-language media outlets. He currently lives in Kaohsiung with his wife, two daughters, two cats and a dog. Smith is ICRT's southern Taiwan special correspondent and can be found from time to time behind the decks, DJing happy house music.

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2018/10/15 | Eryk Smith
OPINION: Extend the HSR to Pingtung? Let’s Talk After the Election
Major transport projects have long been presented as a potential boon to Taiwan's south around election time.
2018/09/20 | Eryk Smith
OPINION: In Kaohsiung, There Are Limits to the Multilingual Love
The axes are out for a politician advocating for languages other than English and Chinese to be kept out of the classroom.
2018/08/29 | Eryk Smith
Taiwan's Great Deluge of 2018: Anger, Finger-Pointing and Helplessness
Drenched with torrential rains, south Taiwanese have just about had it with the ineptitude of their politicians at managing natural disasters.
2018/06/06 | Eryk Smith
Kaohsiung's Light Rail: The Little Engine That Couldn’t?
Kaohsiung’s high-tech light rail has been hit by low ridership and NIMBY protests.
2018/05/24 | Eryk Smith
Kaohsiung Builds but People May Need a Nudge Before They Come
Kaohsiung is constructing monuments to progress, but basic quality-of-life improvements are needed to make the city truly livable.
2018/03/04 | Eryk Smith
A Landline Poll Will Determine the Future of Kaohsiung
The DPP's quirky nomination process will all but secure the seat of the next mayor of Kaoshiung.
2018/01/22 | Eryk Smith
OPINION: Should Kaohsiung Spend US$100M Repairing Rural Roads?
One of Southern Taiwan's main tourist attractions is languishing for a lack of infrastructure funds.
2018/01/05 | Eryk Smith
OPINION: We love Hakka? Maybe It's Time to Let It Go
The maintenance of Taiwan's Hakka culture depends on more than government support for the language.
2017/12/13 | Eryk Smith
OPINION: Time for Kaohsiung to Wage War against Pollution
Taiwan's southern city needs to change it's culture of helplessness.
2017/11/30 | Eryk Smith
Pingtung City is Dying, Why Not Give it to Kaohsiung?
Despite now being a 'city,' Pingtung residents would be better represented, better funded and better organized as a part of Kaohsiung.
2017/11/27 | Eryk Smith
OPINION: Hanyu Pinyin Should Not Be Political, Kaohsiung
Eryk Smith rails against the unconventional spellings that plague Taiwan's southern streets.