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Raised in Taiwan, Eric went to Rutgers University and after graduation co-founded Outreach for Taiwan. Trained in computer science, he likes to tackle social issues with a technical mindset. When not thinking about Taiwan, Eric enjoys a nice beer and a good movie or TV show, anything from feel-good rom-coms to serious political dramas.

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2016/12/29 | Eric Tsai

OPINION: Taiwanese — Ignorantly Progressive?

While Taiwan is spending time and energy on raising awareness of social issues, Taiwanese have been neglecting the importance of cultivating, through education, both local and international cultural sensitivity.

2016/11/18 | Eric Tsai

g0v NYC Hackathon: Tech Solution Workshop or Social Meetup?

'If g0v hackathons want to truly solve issues and be a continued effort to understand issues, captivate the user’s needs and advocate the use of a technology, they must utilize product management to get these tools in the hands of those who can best use the technology.'

2016/01/25 | Eric Tsai

Snow Hits Taiwan Surprising Locals

As an island only 23 degrees north of the Equator, Taiwan is listed as subtropical. Normally having an average of 15 degrees Celsius in January, over the weekend, island-wide temperature dropped below 10 degrees and some areas dropping down below 0 degrees.

2016/01/12 | Eric Tsai

Peggy Kuo, First Taiwan Born U.S. Judge

Peggy Kuo is now the first Taiwan-born judge in the United States. She joins other Taiwanese American judges, such as CA Supreme Court Justice Goodwin Liu, in the U.S. judicial system.

2016/01/06 | Eric Tsai

Taiwanese American Becomes Boston City Council President

First time in 106 years, Boston has elected an Asian American as the City Council President. Taiwanese American Michelle Wu takes up the position in Boston and joins a growing list of Taiwanese Americans who are taking a role in the US government.