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Edward White is International Editor with The News Lens. 

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2016/08/11 | Edward White
Report Slams Indonesia’s Anti-LGBT Stance as Court Mulls Criminalizing Gay Sex
As Indonesia’s Constitutional Court considers criminalizing homosexuality, a new report bemoans the proliferation of the anti-gay movement across the archipelago.
2016/08/10 | Edward White
INTERVIEW: Behind the Scenes with Taiwan’s New Power Party
The New Power Party's leaders are well-known, but behind the scenes there are people who are equally as committed and devoted to changing Taiwan.
2016/08/09 | Edward White
Lessons from Chen Shui-bian for KMT Assets Investigators
Will the KMT assets investigations descend into a fresh round of political persecution?
2016/08/08 | Edward White
Pressure Mounts on China to End 'Show Trials’ Ahead of G20 Summit
After a week of televised ‘confessions’ and convictions, fears are mounting for China’s remaining incarcerated human rights activists and one NGO is trying to get world leaders to take notice.
2016/08/05 | Edward White
ANALYSIS: Unpacking Attacks on Chinese Workers in Africa
Does an attack on Chinese workers in Kenya reflect continent-wide contempt of China’s expanding presence in Africa?
2016/08/04 | Edward White
Turkey’s Crackdown Extends to Taipei
Turkey’s crackdown on alleged opponents of the Erdogan regime is being keenly felt in Taipei.
2016/08/04 | Edward White
Thailand Referendum a ‘Vote at the Barrel of a Gun'
Politicians from around Southeast Asia have hit out at the constitutional referendum taking place in Thailand on Sunday.
2016/08/03 | Edward White
Is Taiwan Heading into a Legal Nightmare Over the KMT’s Assets?
The KMT’s ill-gotten assets may be difficult to reclaim if they have changed hands over the years, a London-based lawyer says.
2016/08/02 | Edward White
Beijing Gains ‘Confession’, Guilty Plea from Human Rights Lawyers
Two key lawyers detained in Beijing’s massive crackdown on human rights activists last year may avoid more jail time after admitting guilt.
2016/08/01 | Edward White
OPINION: Is Hong Kong Heading Toward Umbrella 2.0?
Will the barring of candidates from Hong Kong’s upcoming elections or the sentencing of Umbrella Movement leaders spark a fresh round of major protests?
2016/07/29 | Edward White
INTERVIEW: Future Hangs in the Balance for HK Student Leader Nathan Law
Tense times: One of Hong Kong’s most iconic anti-Beijing student leaders is at a crossroads.     
2016/07/26 | Edward White
Stranded Vietnamese Waiting for Answers After Kinmen Bridge Contract Canned
'People are still stranded': Vietnamese men brought to Kinmen to construct a major bridge project remain in crowded living quarters on the island and waiting for new jobs in Taiwan. Several of them are victims of human trafficking schemes, and are accruing interest on illegal debts owed to brokers.
2016/07/26 | Edward White
Japan Stabbing Spree Leaves 19 Dead, 20 Seriously Wounded
A stabbing spree near Tokyo that left 19 people dead overnight is considered “one of the worst single-perpetrator mass murders in postwar Japan.”
2016/07/25 | Edward White
Beijing Shuts Down Investigative, Political Online News Programs
Beijing has banned original reporting in online news programs in what many commentators see as the latest move to restrict political dissent in China.
2016/07/25 | Edward White
ANALYSIS: Is Asia’s Terrorism Threat Level Rising?
Experts take stock of an increase in terrorist activity in Southeast Asia during the holy month of Ramadan, and a new report reveals a high number of Chinese joining Islamic State.
2016/07/21 | Edward White
Zara, H&M, Gap Suppliers Abuse Chinese Workers: Report
An undercover investigation shows that workers at Chinese factories supplying major fast-fashion labels face low wages, excessive overtime, and unsafe working conditions despite the labels’ claims to having ethical supply chains.
2016/07/21 | Edward White
Hong Kong Umbrella Leaders Defiant Despite Guilty Verdicts
Hong Kong authorities’ prosecution of three student leaders sends a chilling warning for freedom of expression and peaceful assembly in Hong Kong, Amnesty International says.