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Edward White is International Editor with The News Lens. 

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2016/08/31 | Edward White
Chechen Hand in Thailand Bombings, Expert Says
International terrorists had a hand in helping local insurgent groups carry out the recent spate of bombings in Thailand, one expert believes.
2016/08/30 | Edward White
Did the UN Redefine 'Hate Speech' over a Singaporean Blogger?
Singapore’s trial of a controversial blogger has led to a new standard for ‘hate speech,' an organization says.
2016/08/29 | Edward White
Repression in Laos Goes Under the Spotlight
A senior human rights advocate has slammed Laos’ communist government for being a 'regional leader' in repression.
2016/08/29 | Edward White
Nepal Mulls China’s Trans-Himalayan Rail Plans
‘We have to work in the middle of these extremes.’ What will China’s trans-Himalayan railway mean for Nepal?
2016/08/25 | Edward White
UPDATE: Amos Yee Pleads Guilty to Three Charges of ‘Wounding Religious Feelings’
'Prosecutor said I didn't have to wound religious feelings to have intended to wound religious feelings.'
2016/08/25 | Edward White
OP-ED: Time for Taiwanese Politicians to Take Migrant Issues Seriously
One in every 10 school children in Taiwan is the child of a migrant worker. How much longer can politicians afford to turn a blind eye to the many problems facing migrants?
2016/08/24 | Edward White
‘That’s a Couple of Weeks in Jail’ – Singaporean Blogger Tweets During Trial
Controversial blogger Amos Yee has pleaded guilty to two lighter charges, but still faces up to three years behind bars after turning down a plea bargain to charges of offending religious beliefs of Singaporeans.
2016/08/23 | Edward White
China’s Latest Website Rules Shows Beijing is ‘Re-Centralizing News’
China’s move to tighten control of online news portals is just the latest effort by Beijing to assert party dominance over original news and other content.
2016/08/23 | Edward White
Does Bernie’s Fate Await the Hong Kong Independence Movement?
The sudden rise of Hong Kong’s independence movement appears to have surprised many in the political establishment. One academic suggests that while Hong Kong will never be independent, the popular movement could push Beijing to loosen its grip on power.
2016/08/22 | Edward White
Expats' Huge Hospital Bill Shows Taiwan's Law Needs Changing: Lawyer
As a flood of donations pours in, a Taiwanese legal commentator says the law excluding the newborns of foreigners in Taiwan from immediate insurance coverage needs changing.
2016/08/19 | Edward White
Taiwan's Uber Saga Casts Doubt on Readiness for Digital Future
It is unlikely that the popular ride-sharing service Uber will be kicked out of the country, but the Taiwanese government will continue to fine the company for operating illegally. Are lawmakers scrambling to find measures to deal with new disruptive technologies?
2016/08/18 | Edward White
FEATURE: The KMT’s Long, Slow Road to Reform
Can a more than 100-year-old dog learn new tricks? A young party official’s take on the future of Taiwan’s Kuomintang.
2016/08/17 | Edward White
U.N. Backs Singaporean Blogger as More Jail Time Looms
The United Nations has slammed the Singaporean government as a 17-year-old blogger faces more time behind bars for 'wounding' religious feelings.
2016/08/16 | Edward White
Singapore’s Controversial New Contempt of Court Bill Passes amid Growing Concern
The daughter of Singapore’s founding father says she is amazed more Singaporeans have not protested the new contempt of court laws.
2016/08/16 | Edward White
Taiwan Falls Short on Religious Freedom for Domestic Workers: Report
Taiwanese authorities appear to have finally noticed that despite the protections for religious freedom enshrined in the Constitution, hundreds of thousands of domestic workers are still unable to attend religious services. Meanwhile, institutionalized discrimination remains rife in China.
2016/08/16 | Edward White
Chinese Courts and Technology: For Better or Worse
Social media platforms, judgment databases and search engines and the introduction of live video are transforming China’s courts. But are the changes all for the better?
2016/08/15 | Edward White
BREAKING: Umbrella Movement Leaders Avoid Prison
Hong Kong activist leader and young politician Nathan Law should be free to stand in an upcoming election after being sentenced to community service this morning.