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Edward White is International Editor with The News Lens. 

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2016/10/06 | Edward White
Renewed Fears for Religious Freedom in Vietnam
Human rights advocates are concerned about fresh restrictions on religious freedom in Vietnam.
2016/10/05 | Edward White
UK Experts in Taipei to Convince Taiwan to Drop Death Penalty
Recent calls from local activists and the international community for Taiwan to abolish the death penalty have fallen on deaf ears.
2016/10/05 | Edward White
INTERVIEW: Subway Murderer’s Lawyer Believes More ‘Random Killings’ Likely
The lawyer of the man who killed four people on the Taipei subway in 2014 is bracing himself for more ‘random killings’ in Taiwan.
2016/10/05 | Edward White
China Blamed as Thailand Detains Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Activist
A political party in Taiwan has slammed China after Hong Kong’s pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong was detained in Bangkok.
2016/10/03 | Edward White
Popular Political Blog Goes Offline in China
Another day, another politically sensitive website disappears in China.
2016/09/30 | Edward White
China's Human Rights Plan: A 'Triumph of Form over Substance'
Orwellian doublespeak? Does China's latest human rights plan mark significant progress or reflect a gap between rhetoric and reality?
2016/09/29 | Edward White
Singapore to Jail Teenage Blogger
Controversial Singaporean blogger Amos Yee has been sentenced 38 days in prison for ‘intending to wound religious feelings.’
2016/09/26 | Edward White
China-Taiwan Battle Heats Up at UN Air Safety Meeting in Montreal
China claims responsibility for blocking Taiwan at key international aviation meeting; Taiwanese reporters the latest to be shunned.
2016/09/23 | Edward White
Indonesia’s Migrant Maid Moratorium Creates New Avenues for Mid-East Trafficking
A moratorium on Indonesian women traveling to work in the Middle East is creating new avenues for exploitation.
2016/09/22 | Edward White
Chinese Human Rights Lawyer Xia Lin Sentenced to 12 Years for ‘Fraud’
Critics say a lengthy prison sentence given to a Chinese lawyer is ‘severe retaliation' against a human rights advocate.
2016/09/21 | Edward White
Is the International Debate on Myanmar’s Rohingya Situation ‘Overblown’?
A former top U.S. diplomat in Myanmar and ‘buddy’ of Aung Sun Suu Kyi challenges the international media and human rights narrative on the plight of ethnic and religious minorities in Myanmar.
2016/09/21 | Edward White
OP-ED: Thailand Convicts UK Activist, but Threat to Locals is Much Greater
The imprisonment of a British labor rights campaigner in Thailand has grabbed headlines around the world, but local NGO and aid workers face a much greater risk than foreigners.
2016/09/20 | Edward White
Hong Kong’s Pro-Independence Party Turns Focus to School Students
Despite being barred from standing in the Hong Kong’s elections, one political party is hard at work building support for independence from China among high school students.
2016/09/14 | Edward White
OP-ED: Does Deportation of Fraudsters to Taiwan Show Jakarta Won't 'Kowtow' to Beijing?
Indonesia’s treatment of a group of Taiwanese accused of involvement in a telephone scam is markedly different from extraditions in other international fraud cases this year.
2016/09/13 | Edward White
OP-ED: Thinning China News Options as SCMP Chinese Edition Falls
While questions remain over what was behind the surprise closure of the South China Morning Post’s Chinese-language website, the move is a major blow for China’s news audience.
2016/09/01 | Edward White
Taiwan’s Independence Hardliners Down, Not Out
Will Taiwan’s independence hardliners re-emerge from the political wilderness?
2016/08/31 | Edward White
China Doubles Down on Pacific Fishery
China’s exports to the Pacific Islands doubled in the past year as it helps the region boost up its fishing industry.