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Edward White is International Editor with The News Lens. 

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2016/10/13 | Edward White
Report Slams Malaysia’s Crackdown on Free Speech, Political Dissent
An international human rights watchdog has slammed Malaysia’s ongoing crackdown on free speech and political dissent.
2016/12/05 | Edward White
Does Trump Spell the End for Kissinger’s China-U.S. Strategy?
Does the historic Trump-Tsai call mark the beginning of the end for America's long-held strategy with China?
2016/07/25 | Edward White
Beijing Shuts Down Investigative, Political Online News Programs
Beijing has banned original reporting in online news programs in what many commentators see as the latest move to restrict political dissent in China.
2016/06/27 | Edward White
Activists Seek Answers as China Detains Bloggers
Human rights activists call for answers as bloggers who exposed protests in China go missing.
2016/12/28 | Edward White
Trump’s Unlikely Ally: The Chinese Dissident
A high-profile Chinese dissident sees U.S. President-elect Donald Trump as a potential game changer for human rights in China.
2016/08/24 | Edward White
‘That’s a Couple of Weeks in Jail’ – Singaporean Blogger Tweets During Trial
Controversial blogger Amos Yee has pleaded guilty to two lighter charges, but still faces up to three years behind bars after turning down a plea bargain to charges of offending religious beliefs of Singaporeans.
2016/07/29 | Edward White
INTERVIEW: Future Hangs in the Balance for HK Student Leader Nathan Law
Tense times: One of Hong Kong’s most iconic anti-Beijing student leaders is at a crossroads.     
2016/10/03 | Edward White
Popular Political Blog Goes Offline in China
Another day, another politically sensitive website disappears in China.
2016/12/03 | Edward White
Taiwan’s Opposition Questions Value of Trump-Tsai Phone Call
The conversation, which took place on Friday, is thought to be the first time a president or president-elect of the United States has directly talked to the leader of Taiwan since 1979.
2017/04/16 | Edward White
Will Taiwan Accept Chinese Asylum Seeker?
The lack of an asylum law in Taiwan opens up the case of the Chinese activist seeking asylum to administrative discretion. But an American lawyer in Taipei does not expect the man to be deported.
2016/11/28 | Edward White
Heat on DPP as Marriage Equality Draws Thousands to Streets
Pressure is mounting on Taiwan’s ruling party to advance marriage equality, as religious lobbying threatens to derail the passage of legislation.
2016/07/12 | Edward White
BREAKING: Philippines Win Landmark South China Sea Ruling
The Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague has handed down its highly anticipated decision in the South China Sea dispute. Both Beijing and Taipei say they do not recognize the validity of the ruling.
2017/07/09 | Edward White
As Liu Xiaobo Enters Final Days, World Watches Xi’s Move — Lawyer
'If President Xi now decides he wants to keep Liu Xiaobo in China and silenced he will have to do so in the full view of the world knowing he is intentionally hastening his death.'
2016/10/24 | Edward White
Threats Against Turks in Taipei Referred to Police
Threats have been made against people associated with the so-called Gulen movement in Taiwan.
2016/08/02 | Edward White
Beijing Gains ‘Confession’, Guilty Plea from Human Rights Lawyers
Two key lawyers detained in Beijing’s massive crackdown on human rights activists last year may avoid more jail time after admitting guilt.