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East Asia Forum is a platform for analysis and research on politics, economics, business, law, security, international relations and society relevant to public policy, centred on the Asia Pacific region. It consists of an online publication and a quarterly magazine, East Asia Forum Quarterly, which aim to provide clear and original analysis from the leading minds in the region and beyond.

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Everyone Wins With Better Asian AI governance

East Asia Forum

The concentration of power over AI inputs, the tendency of governments to localize and protect key digital assets, and the systematic exclusion of certain groups from accessing the benefits of AI systems are some of the key challenges to effective AI governance in Asia.


Can Politicians Rise Above Partisanship To Address Indonesia’s Environmental Crisis?

East Asia Forum

Politicians in Indonesia have the potential to initiate the systemic changes necessary for environmental management but they face challenges including corruption, overlapping jurisdictions, and the influence of business interests.


China’s Media Misses the Mark on Myanmar

East Asia Forum

China's media has largely ignored Myanmar's political crisis and the plight of its people, focusing instead on criminal networks involved in online scams.


Child Welfare at the Forefront of Japanese Family Law Reform

East Asia Forum

Japan's Family Law Subcommittee has outlined recommendations for reforming family law, including changes to civil codes that address issues such as parental authority, adoption, and property distribution after divorce.


Myanmar’s Military Reaches Into Migrant Pockets

East Asia Forum

Recent orders issued by Myanmar’s junta will result in higher costs and lower disposable income for migrant workers.

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Indonesia’s Commodity Future in the Face of China’s Slowdown

East Asia Forum

In face of China’s slowdown in acquiring commodities, Indonesia’s efforts to diversify export destinations and move towards downstream industrial policies are crucial for its survival.


Pheu Thai Foots the Political Bill for Thaksin’s Return

East Asia Forum

Former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra's return to Thailand after 15 years in self-exile has come at a heavy political cost for his affiliated Pheu Thai Party. Their establishment of a "government of national reconciliation" has faced challenges due to their dependence on coalition partners and their loss of popularity among conservative and progressive voters.


Is the ASEAN–Japan Relationship Fit for the Times?

East Asia Forum

The ASEAN-Japan relationship has evolved significantly over the past 50 years, but new challenges such as geopolitical rivalry between the US and China require increased cooperation and strategic acumen.


Thailand’s New Government Puts a Populist Face on the Country’s Discredited Establishment

East Asia Forum

Thailand’s Pheu Thai party, linked to deposed PM Thaksin Shinawatra, regains power in a coalition with military proxy parties. The move is seen as a risk of internal infighting and regime instability, as surveys show public opposition to the alliance.


What the G20 Can Do for Small Island Developing States

East Asia Forum

The G20 must prioritize sustainable debt management and funding for climate change adaptation projects to prevent a decade of lost development for the developing world.

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