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Diálogo Chino is a multilingual platform for journalists, public officials, academics, civil society and the business community to engage with the topics that will come to define the nature of China-Latin America relations. Diálogo Chino is an initiative of chinadialogue, an independent, bilingual, Chinese English website that promotes communication on the environment and climate change. It is a non-profit organization based in London and Beijing.


Did Brazil Just Elect an Anti-China President in Jair Bolsonaro?

Diálogo Chino

The far-right Bolsonaro, who visited Taiwan in February 2018, has criticized Chinese investment in Brazil.


Chinese Ecotourists Head to Colombia in Pursuit of Rare Cock-of-the-Rock

Diálogo Chino

'We spent a lot of money and time to come here, including an 18-hour flight and many hours on the road. All this effort to get here, but it paid off the instant we saw the bird.'


ANALYSIS: The Pros and Cons of Chinese Investment in Latin America

Diálogo Chino

By extending into Latin America, China's Belt and Road is filling a vacuum for much-needed local infrastructure. However, environmental and labor concerns linger.


ANALYSIS: China's Latin American Belt and Road Chimera

Diálogo Chino

Is China simply rebranding existing Latin American infrastructure projects as sparkling Belt and Road successes?


China's 'Green Finance' Bonds Outperform Old-Fashioned Counterparts

Diálogo Chino

China is successfully experimenting with instruments to encourage the financial sector to support sustainability.

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