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'Always in My Heart': Lee Teng-hui’s Life in 10 Quotes

Denis Li

In speeches and interviews, Lee Teng-hui built a reputation for memorable lines and biting quips. Here are 10 of his greatest hits.


Green Party: Teng Hui-wen, Psychiatrist-Turned-Politician, Advocates for Gender Equality

Denis Li

The News Lens interviewed Green Party legislative candidate Teng Hui-wen (鄧惠文), who's a well-known psychiatrist, about her inspirations and political views.


INTERVIEW: Pension Protest Leader Wu Sz-huai of the 800 Warriors

Denis Li

Wu Sz-huai of the 800 Warriors insists he is no 'fat cat.' Instead, he says, his group is fighting to defend the dignity of Taiwan's military.

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