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David Evans is a pseudonym. The author has a background in politics and corporate public affairs and is a regular contributor on topics ranging from Taiwanese politics, cross-strait relations, and international affairs. He is also interested in technology and sport and is writing under a pseudonym to avoid complications in his day job.


5 Lessons We Learned From Taiwan's Dramatic 2018 Elections

David Evans

The DPP is in tatters and the referendum system needs repair, but democracy in Taiwan is rocking on.


OPINION: In Kaohsiung, Politicians Ignore Residents amid Development Frenzy

David Evans

None of the Kaohsiung mayoral candidates have committed to developing their city for the people.


OPINION: Kaohsiung's Skyline Is Dotted with Expensive White Elephants

David Evans

Longtime Kaohsiung mayor Chen Chu leaves a legacy of expensive vanity projects alongside failing public services and infrastructure.

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