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Darice D. Chang

Darice D. Chang

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Darice is a writer, artist, and educator-activist based in Taiwan. They speak three languages and are usually getting paid to use one of them. In their spare time they enjoy the local music scene and promoting healthy, ethical living.


Fifth Iteration of No Meat Provides Plant Based Revelers a Compassionate Holiday

Darice D. Chang

Taiwan’s leading zero/low waste allium-free plant based festival returns for a glorious celebration this coming Sunday centering nativity cheer with an afternoon in Taichung’s Culture Forest Park. Highlights include a performance from SoSo Heroes, the band of Golden Horse Leading Actress Nominee and Golden Bell Best Hostess winner Pio Lee.


Go Go Rise Final Concert Celebrates Women in Punk Rock, Commemorates Late Vocalist

Darice D. Chang

Mei, a vivacious vocalist and trumpeter of punk ska-rock outfit Go Go Rise, passed away in May. In her final days her band received a coveted grant from Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture, and Mei was posthumously recognized at the Golden Melody Awards this year. The band will hold a farewell concert on Saturday, November 27, 2021.


Reshaping Queer Culture: Meet Taiwan’s First Drag Kings

Darice D. Chang

As Taiwan’s drag queen scene flourishes, propelled by the global success of Drag Race, the king scene is growing as well, providing much needed space and platform for lesbians and AFAB-people.


End Species Exploitation: Taipei Joins the Third Annual Animal Rights March

Darice D. Chang

Vegan activists in Taipei participate in the third annual Animal Rights March, raising awareness of animal cruelty in Taiwan.


'Metal Politics Taiwan': Dual Lenses, Dueling Perspectives

Darice D. Chang

The new film 'Metal Politics Taiwan' follows rocker-turned-politician Freddy Lim's first year in office. It was first shown at this year's Urban Nomad Film Festival.


Marchers Brave Icy Taipei Rain to Celebrate Women and Diversity

Darice D. Chang

A solid crowd featuring prominent civil activists, politicians, and community leaders turned out for the second Women’s March Taiwan despite nasty weekday weather. 


MOVIE REVIEW: 'Tshiong' – Unabashedly Taiwanese Hyper Metal Madness

Darice D. Chang

The long-awaited Chthonic movie will be released December at Kaohsiung Film Festival, but considering the band’s political stance and esoteric music, will it be too much for a Taiwanese – much less an international – audience?


INTERVIEW: Heavy Punk Bank ChicKNUP – When Hunter Becomes Hunted

Darice D. Chang

A striking music video featuring a lesbian couple by self-described ‘heavy punk’ band ChiKNUP puts viewers in a minority’s shoes.


Women in Power: Reflections on Gender Politics From Taipei to Lhasa

Darice D. Chang

Three prominent women speak on the problems faced by women in Tibet's government-in-exile and address the history and progress of gender equality in Taiwan.

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