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Daphne K. Lee is a New York-based journalist covering food and culture. She’s a former editor at The News Lens International.


6 Best Taiwanese Films to Watch on Netflix During Quarantine

Daphne K. Lee

Here are our staff picks for the best Taiwanese movies available on Netflix.


‘Tigertail’: A Stillborn Romantic Idea

Daphne K. Lee

Alan Yang's feature debut explores a slew of important themes but fails to tell a coherent story.


Animal Crossing Disappeared From Stores in China

Daphne K. Lee

China quietly removed Animal Crossing from the shelves overnight, prompting netizen outrage.


Taiwan Challenges WHO Leader's Accusations, Renews Medical Aid Commitment

Daphne K. Lee

Taiwan's MOFA has responded to accusations of racism from WHO head Dr. Tedro by condemning the groundless attacks and announcing new medical aid efforts.


CECC Advises Self-Health Management for Holiday Travelers and Expands Face Mask Rules

Daphne K. Lee

Taiwan's Central Epidemic Command Center expanded the face mask requirement for all public transit and taxis. Domestic travelers who had gone on vacation over the holiday weekend are advised to work from home for 14 days.


Starting April 1, Face Mask Use Mandated for Intercity Transportation

Daphne K. Lee

Ahead of the Tomb Sweeping holiday weekend, the Ministry of Transportation enforces face mask use on intercity rail and bus transportation. This regulation does not apply to the MRT or city buses.


Taiwan to Ban Entry of Foreign Travelers Over Imported Coronavirus Cases

Daphne K. Lee

Taiwan will ban foreign nationals from entering the country starting on March 19 due to a surge in imported coronavirus cases.


Coronavirus Impact Prompts Illegal Unpaid Leave for Taiwanese Workers

Daphne K. Lee

Both domestic and international tour operators have allegedly put their employees on unpaid leave of absence without notifying the Department of Labor.


Taiwan Pushes Back Against Coronavirus Disinformation

Daphne K. Lee

Disgruntled Chinese netizens are suspected to spread disinformation on the novel coronavirus outbreak status in Taiwan.


Taiwan Expands Virus Screening After Suspected Community Transmission

Daphne K. Lee

Taiwan has seen the first suspected community-transmitted case of the coronavirus. To prevent community spread, Taiwan has expanded its screening measures to include any individuals with foreign travel history in the past 14 days.

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