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Daniel Kao is a data journalist and engineer for The News Lens based in Taipei. He enjoys exploring and creatively sharing stories hidden in data.


What Coronavirus Reveals About Our Digital Way of Life in 2020

Daniel Kao

Despite technological advances, we are not smarter now than we were during the 2003 SARS epidemic.


Notepad++ and GitHub Are the Latest Victims of Chinese Internet Trolls

Daniel Kao

GitHub, a generally apolitical platform for developers to discuss and collaborate on engineering projects, has fallen victim to Chinese internet trolls due to a Notepad++ update named "Free Uyghur."


Why Hong Kong Should Keep Defending Its Democracy

Daniel Kao

Why are Hongkongers desperately fighting for democracy? For those living in the shadow of an authoritarian regime, democracy represents societal progress in terms of wealth, education, human rights and more.

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