Chia-Shuo Tang and Sam Robbins

Chia-Shuo Tang and Sam Robbins

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Chia-Shuo Tang is an NGO worker and an anthropologist. He is a project coordinator at Open Culture Foundation and a Ph.D. candidate in the Health, Care, and the Body program group at Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research, University of Amsterdam (AISSR). His current main area of work is Taiwan’s digital governance, digital rights, and data governance. Sam Robbins is a researcher and writer on the intersections of tech and politics in Taiwan. He is an editor for Taiwan Insight and a participant in Taiwan’s g0v community.


Taiwan’s Failed Social Media Regulation Bill

Following the launch of the Ministry of Digital Affairs, Taiwan’s Digital Intermediary Service Act shows the government is taking concerted action to address disinformation, but the bill never made its way to parliament.

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