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Coco Dollanganger is a contributing journalist for The News Lens. In her free time, she plays her ukulele, sings in a reggae band, reads books, and enjoys the outdoors.


How Musicians in the Philippines Are Surviving the Pandemic

Coco Dollanganger

During the pandemic, musicians in the Philippines who depend on live performances for their livelihoods are struggling, but some say they are writing more songs and engaging more with their fans.


Philippine Lawmakers Push for Police Reform After Tarlac Shooting

Coco Dollanganger

After a Filipino mother and her son were fatally shot by an off-duty policemen, Philippine lawmakers are calling for an investigation into the case and demanding police reform.


Philippines: The Rich and Poor Divide in Distance Learning

Coco Dollanganger

The Philippines Department of Education has pledged to provide distance learning access for all students. But the mental health and economic burdens of the plan overwhelmingly fall on the country's poor.


Serial Corruption Plagues Philippines National Health Insurance

Coco Dollanganger

Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth), a state healthcare insurer affiliated with the Department of Health, is embroiled in a Senate probe involving thousands of fraudulent claims and mismanagement of funds.


What Do Critics and Supporters of the Philippines Anti-Terrorism Bill Say?

Coco Dollanganger

While critics cite warrantless arrest and the stifling of free speech as the main charges against the Anti-Terrorism Bill in the Philippines, government-aligned politicians dismiss these concerns.


‘You Gave Your All’: Philippine Frontline Medical Workers Who Lost Their Lives

Coco Dollanganger

Frontline medical workers in the Philippines have braved extraordinary danger. 35 have lost their lives, but their contributions have not been forgotten.


How Is the Philippines Plotting Its Tourism Recovery?

Coco Dollanganger

The Philippine government, resort chains, and travel influencers are each trying to keep the country's tourism industry afloat while planning its post-pandemic recovery.


Will Philippines Impose Plastic Ban in 2020?

Coco Dollanganger

Philippines is the world's third largest source of ocean plastics. How can it reduce plastic waste nationwide?


OPINION: 'Not Filipino Enough'? Catriona Gray Is as Filipino as They Come

Coco Dollanganger

Light skin, pointed nose... the appearance of Miss Universe 2018 has sparked rancorous debate in the Philippines. While it's generally well-intentioned, it misses the mark.

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