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CJ Sheu, an Assistant Professor of Applied English at Ming Chuan University, is a Rotten Tomatoes-approved, Taipei-based film critic for The News Lens.


'Nina Wu' Brings Taiwan into the #MeToo Era

CJ Sheu

Nina Wu (灼人秘密) is the first Taiwanese film to stir conversations around the #MeToo movement.


FILM REVIEW: 'The Missing Body Episode 1' and the Future of Taiwanese VR Cinema

CJ Sheu

A review of the VR film The Missing Body Episode 1, featured in the 2019 Taipei Film Festival.


Green Zen on Film at Taipei Fine Arts Museum's 'Post-Nature' Exhibition

CJ Sheu

'Contact Prints of Baileng Canal,' a Taiwanese documentary screening until Mar. 10, is 80 minutes of quiet meditation.


REVIEW: 'Shadow' Presents a Wuxia Tale in Staggeringly Beautiful Monochrome

CJ Sheu

This ink wash painting come to life carries thematic complexity and a veiled political message.


REVIEW: 'Default' Makes a Very Human Drama Out of a Korean Financial Crisis

CJ Sheu

This Manichaean Korean melodrama befits its high-stakes real-life story.


REVIEW: Blood, Sweat, and Tears of Laughter; One Cut of the Dead

CJ Sheu

The Japanese arthouse zombie movie is a masterclass in comedy timing.

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