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CJ Sheu, an Assistant Professor of Applied English at Ming Chuan University, is a Rotten Tomatoes-approved, Taipei-based film critic for The News Lens.


‘Mama Boy’ Is an Excellent Film With the Wrong Tone

CJ Sheu

A talented cast with an intriguing story of a sex worker and her client is undermined by a rmismatched tone of romantic fantasy.


‘Formosa Betrayed’ Barely Scratches the Surface of Taiwan’s History

CJ Sheu

‘Formosa Betrayed’ tries to build a political thriller around a mystery in an unknown land ruled with an iron fist. It’s empty didacticism — and less than thrilling.


‘After Yang’ Is Infused With Asian Americanness

CJ Sheu

‘After Yang’ is a sci-fi grounded in a plausible future history, conveying an uncanny sense of frisson familiar to Asian Americans, American Asians, or indeed anyone caught between two cultures in hard-to-delineate ways. The film is part of the 2022 Taipei Film Festival.


‘Ink & Linda’ Celebrates Artistic Kismet

CJ Sheu

Two completely dissimilar people bond over a common project. The result is a radical story of artistic creation.


Zhang Yimou Crafts an Unusual Propaganda Film with ‘Snipers’

CJ Sheu

‘Snipers’ is an unapologetic Chinese patriotic melodrama. It’s not for everyone, but there were times that it was able to hint at a more multifaceted story.


What’s in a Slap?

CJ Sheu

Smith was wrong to slap Rock, in public or in private. And Rock and ABC were wrong for approving the joke. But commentators are also wrong for treating this incident the same as they would had all three people involved been White.


‘Microhabitat’ Is an Ozu Adaptation in Both Story and Heart

CJ Sheu

No matter how desperate Mi-so’s situation is, she’s always more concerned for those around her. Our view of her suggests that the critique is not just of modernity, but of contemporary capitalism.

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